Manila-based indie-pop band Us-2 Evil-0 return with a vengeance after an 11-year absence from the music scene 



Us-2 Evil-0 just released their new EP Filthy Finishers. The band unknowingly launched their most recent creation on Bonifacio Day, which was fitting for the album’s first song that starts with, “Hey, today is a holiday! It is Bonifacio Day!” This leads everyone to believe that there is some cosmic connection between the band and the honorary holiday.


The new EP consists of four songs: Karaoke Machine, Semper Fi, Talk All Night and Time Bomb. The tracks reflect on their past and the band’s growth throughout all these years. Their regroup has formulated a nostalgic comeback and all the personal experiences the members have gone through during their separation.


After an 11-year absence since their debut album Dirty Debutantes in 2009, Us-2 Evil-0 released their first single from the EP Karaoke Machine, a sugar-coated, melancholic reminder of the “My Way killings.” Since 2002, there have been 12 murders in connection to Frank Sinatra’s song, which all happened in karaoke bars in the Philippines.



Since then, many bars have removed the song as guests wouldn’t dare sing it. Shocked? That’s exactly the vibe they’re going for. The underlying meaning of the song is masked by an upbeat boy-girl harmony that won’t let you get away without swaying. Mayor Isko Moreno may have banned karaoke during this pandemic, but Us-2 Evil-0 says otherwise. Just like the deadly machine, their song carries a catchy bop perfect to get carried away to.


Karaoke Machine is one of the first local releases of Island Records Philippines, which is a huge deal as the record label is known for its iconic lineup of artists: Amy Winehouse, The Specials, Tame Impala and U2. We can expect more from the reunited five-piece indie-pop group comprised of fashion designer-activist Mich Dulce, film director Quark Henares, multi-hyphenate Wincy Ong, artist Nix Puno and musical engineer Bogs Jugo.


Exciting times for Us-2 Evil-0 and we can't wait to hear what else is in store!



Stream Filthy Finishers, Us-2 Evil-0’s new EP, on Spotify.


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Words Marga Sibug

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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