What is VCinema

What Is VCinema & Do We Care?


November 25, 2019
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Are we ready for a new format for film called VCinema?



Our parents grew up with an appreciation for film in the black-and-white format. My generation remembers a time when square dimensions was the thing for sitcoms. But the world of film is constantly changing and evolving—CGI in itself is a development to marvel at—and we’re ready for what is being slated as the next big thing in movies: VCinema.



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Short for Vertical Cinema, it’s pretty easy to understand the concept. Instead of the now-traditional horizontal shots, you’re introduced to smartphone-friendly vertical orientations instead. The movement in itself is still experimental and young, but there’s been a lot of talk regarding its potential—after all, it’s challenging a lot of what we’ve learned to accept as unchangeable. 


One clear example is the movie theater in itself. What’s sometimes described as the “temple of film” is designed for horizontal consumption, from how the seats are arranged to the built-in big screen. But just because it’s there doesn’t mean there’s no reason to think (almost literally) outside the box. 


The project of VCinema somewhat abandons traditional formats and requires an open mind to consumption outside the theater. Think IGTV but in a larger scale. Consider what could be of the all-screen experience if exploited and explored properly. Elsewhere in the world VCinema, is proposed in large churches, where a vertical screen seems only natural and fitting. And over here in the Philippines, we’re taking some steps, too.



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The .giff Festival Of New Cinema introduced a new category to its roster called Vertical Cinema By Oppo Reno. It challenged filmmakers to not only create in vertical format, but lured them in with the opportunity to witness their silent story unfold with live musicians scoring on the spot. It has all the potential to be breathtaking, a 360-degree experience that might just change the face of Philippine cinema—eventually. But are we ready for it now? Does it deserve our attention? 


If the entries to Vertical Cinema By Oppo Reno are any indication, then yes, we’re ready for it (or, at the very least, filmmakers are ready for the challenge). But if you’re asking an audience whether or not they should care about the concept of VCinema? The answer is still yes; considering how much time we already spend on verticals. 


Honestly speaking, Filipinos consume and create on verticals multiple times a day—social media has taught us how to do so. We make Stories about our meals and make sure it’s easily consumable to our followers. We shoot and send videos without having to lay our phones on its side. That’s just the way things are. All VCinema is saying is: Think bigger.



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Want to experience VCinema for yourself? .giff opens this weekend, from November 30 to December 1, at Illumination Studio, Makati. Admission is free and you just have to register here, but give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more updates.



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