Take It Slow and Enjoy the Night With Walk, Man!

Take It Slow and Enjoy the Night With Walk, Man!

What do you mean the Sony Walkman is 44 years old?



Do you remember the good old days of walking under the sun while listening to your favorite cassette tape?  Well, indie prod house SYQL Productions brings back musical nostalgia with Walk, Man!, a celebration of music in all its forms and its origins in analog. Staging on July 1, 2023 at 123 Block in Mandaluyong, this event brings together some of today’s best local acts and artists. Fun fact: July 1 also marks the 44th anniversary of the Sony Walkman—an iconic symbol of musical freedom that allowed music fans to curate their preferred soundtracks rather than listening to the prevalent songs played over the radio.



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Just like a mixtape playlist, Walk, Man! will highlight performances by local artists from multiple subgenres. The event features world-renowned musician and producer from Japan Ichika Nito, who is set to shake up the country’s music scene. Listen to the math rock/progressive tracks by Gabba, folk-pop melodies from Clara Benin and Any Name’s Okay, alternative rock tunes from SOS and Blaster & the Celestial Klowns, as well as the more hip-hop and R&B influences of Young Cocoa and of Mercury. SYQL will also bring in local analog music brands such as Acetate Music.


Apart from enjoying the music, get art and merchandise from visual artists Rob Cham, KITA, eniddin, theirfieldnotes, rommeldrawlines, O.I. Research Partners and Ibayan. SYQL Productions envisions a gig culture that is accessible and collaborative, connecting the diverse Filipino creatives industry.


Start your July with a positive vibe! Have fun with your friends with great music, good food, photography, and art at Walk, Man. You can get your tickets here.  The early bird rate is P550 while the regular tickets are priced at P600. As an added bonus, all tickets come with an event-exclusive sticker pack!



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More local brands and creatives will participate in ‘Walk, Man’ so follow SYQL Productions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep updated with their announcements.



Words Cris Ramos

Art Macky Arquilla

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