It’s Official: These Are All the Acts You’ll Be Seeing at Wanderland 2020

It’s Official: These Are All the Acts You’ll Be Seeing at Wanderland 2020

Will your faves be performing at Wanderland this year?



We define our years in big moments: Christmases and birthdays and first dates. For the local music enthusiast and melomaniacs, one such moment is the annual occurrence of Wanderland. A yearly music and arts fest birthed by the minds behind Karpos Multimedia, Wanderland has only grown in scale and influence since its pilot run in 2013. Now in its eighth year, the festival has become an occasion worth dog-earing in our planners and calendars, a big moment to punctuate the first half of every year.


Jumping off from where the last Wanderland left off, this year’s run is serving up double the fun with two days’ worth of excitement, art and naturally, a whole lot of live music. Since the announcement of Wanderland 2020, the question hanging over our heads has been a resounding cry of “Who is part of the lineup?” Over the past few months, the answer began to take shape. 


The wave one line-up, announced in November, strummed up its fair share of thrill.


Headliner Foals would deliver British rock band goodness. Bruno Major would take the stage with his poignant narratives of love. Omar Apollo would take his headbop-worthy brand of soul to Manila, while Ben & Ben, IV of Spades, FLU and Ysanygo would remind the crowds just what that oft-talked about Filipino talent is all about. On its own, wave one made a pretty solid lineup––and then there was Joji.



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The viral internet sensation-turned-recording artist’s addition to the Wanderland roster had fans of lo-fi, electronic and trap scrambling to get their tickets.


Fast forward to last night: the final wave of performers was finally pulled out of secrecy and brought into the light. The verdict: if the first half of the line-up sounded promising, the eight newly-revealed acts are sure to make Wanderland 2020 even more memorable.


Discover the final wave of Wanderland 2020 performers ahead!


Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker


It’s been a hot minute since Nick Murphy dropped his Chet Faker moniker in favor of his real name, but we still can’t decide what’s more surprising: the sudden name change, or the fact that the Aussie artist is finally going to be bringing his music to the Philippines. 




If there’s anyone who knows about relationships––and can write and sing a damn good hit out of ‘em––it’s NIKI. That’s right, it’s official: Joji’s fellow 88rising artist is joining this year’s lineup, too.


((( O )))


With a sound that’s hard to shake and a name that can’t be pronounced, ((( O ))) is ready to take her distinct brand of R&B and soul to the Wanderland stage.


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Ali Gatie


Listening to Ali Gatie, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about his tracks that are so gripping: the soft, easy swagger, perhaps? Or maybe the tenderness behind his ultra-honest lyrics? Perhaps we’ll find the answer when we hear him play first-hand for the Philippine crowds in March.


Stephen Day


In a day and age that seems to be obsessed with nostalgia, being dubbed a purveyor of New Retro is a compliment of the highest order. Stephen Day, one of the eight freshly announced acts for this year, is just that. The perfect kind of music for a festival outside. 


August Wahh & crwn


They say the best things take time, and August Wahh and crwn’s collaborative EP, Labyrinth, is definitive proof of that. Recorded over a period of two years, Labyrinth has taken the pair to new heights. Next stop: the Wanderland stage.


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Anyone who has dipped their toes into K-indie or K-hiphop waters has likely encountered George, whether they realize it or not. With music characterized by the warm rasp of his voice and melodic lines that anyone can follow along with, George has collaborated with the likes of Sam Kim and lent his unique vocal color to numerous K-Drama OSTs. In March, he’ll be lending his sound to Wanderland 2020.


Banna Harbera


If the past few years can assure us of anything, it’s that Wanderbattle finalists are almost always headed somewhere good. Case in point: Banna Harbera, a five-piece band from Wanderbattle’s 2017 run, are the finishing touch to the Wanderland 2020 lineup. 



Following the whittling down of the initial roster (with Sabrina Claudio, Raveena, Ari Lennox and Novo Amor holding off their Wanderland debuts for the meantime), we can also expect to see newly-minted additions to the list of performers: singer-songwriter Barbie Almalbis, local rock royalty Urbandub, London-based Pinoy artist No Rome, Wanderland alum The Paper Kites and electronic music duo COSMO'S MIDNIGHT.


It’s Official: These Are All the Acts You’ll Be Seeing at Wanderland 2020


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Our thoughts? That’s a good lineup if we ever saw one. Whether the full line-up has piqued your curiosity or completely won you over, you’re going to want to check Wanderland’s official website and their official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay in the loop on all things Wanderland 2020.


See you there!


Edit: Those who would like to request for a refund in light of the recent lineup change may send an email to [email protected] for the refund process. Regular Wanderer, Star Wanderer, Wanderbuddies bundle (all 5 tickets), Wanderlove bundle (both tickets) and Early Entry Wanderer are applicable for refunds. Pre-lineup tickets cannot be refunded.



Art Matthew Fetalver

Special thanks to Karpos Multimedia


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