Which Exotic Animal Are You?

Quiz: Which Exotic Animal Are You?


November 2, 2018
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Do you belong in the water, air or on all fours?



Most past times include wondering where we’d be in a different life. What if we were born into a different family or in a different country or in a different time. Well, today, we’re ditching that and asking something else entirely: What exotic animal would you be if you were born into a different kingdom?


Which among these activities appeal to you most?

Money issues aside, where would you like to live?

Pick a place to travel to

You’re having dinner, what do you order?

If you were to ask your friends, they’d say that they admire…

Pick an outfit/piece of clothing you’d wear most if weather permitted?

How would you get out of a tricky situation?

If you wanted to flirt with someone, how would you go about it?

It’s the perfect time for a night in. What do you do?

Finally, what would you say is your best asset?

Which Exotic Animal Are You?
You're a Peacock!

Just like the beautiful bird, you like spend some time on yourself and your appearance—which is not at all a bad thing! You just like to feel self-assured and fixing yourself up is one way to strengthen your confidence. And because you know you’re at your best on most days, you aren’t afraid to get what you want (nor are you afraid to make a big deal out of it). Be careful though, sometimes being showy has its cons too. Remember to always be careful with what you say and do, because people are watching you. Try to be patient and keep in mind that silence can be a powerful statement all on its own.
You're a Sloth!

Much like the sloth, you’re sometimes misunderstood. Your naturally chill vibe and slow pacing isn’t laziness; it’s just how you choose to go about things. You don’t get very excited and you like to keep your distance from most gatherings, but this doesn’t mean you’re a snob searching to be an outcast. You’re just naturally introverted. That said, it’s not bad to make connections. Sometimes seeing a friend or two for a nice dinner will do wonders for you!
You're a Quokka!

Approachable and friendly, you love a good night out with your choice group of friends. You do, however, still do very well on your own and consider yourself to be fairly independent. Throughout your life, you’ve made choices that have enabled you to lean on the results, whether that means your career or your living situation. You aren’t afraid to go for what you want, but be careful about using the people around you—burning bridges can hurt you too.
You're a Sunfish!

The Sunfish, like you, tends to be a solitary individual. You’re perfectly fine on your own, but you do come out of your comfortable shell once in a while when necessary. Because you understand that no man is an island and that it’s important to change scenery once in a while, you sometimes welcome the opportunity to see the sun—so to speak. A few situations haven’t gone in your favor, but you’ve made the most out of your life and the challenges that have come your way. Keep at it and keep your head up!
You're a Philippine Eagle!

The Philippine Eagle, like you, has a reputation to uphold. You never tire of bettering yourself, whether that means in school, in the work place or in a personal sense. Keeping yourself on the bed or couch is never an option because you just can’t keep yourself still. Even if you’re just at home, the activity you end up doing has some skill tied to it. You’re a rare breed! Just take a breather once in a while; you wouldn’t want to burn out.

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