Millennials On Who They’re Voting For & Why

Millennials On Who They’re Voting For & Why

For the 2019 elections, the key might be who Millennials are voting for



Whether good or bad, millennials are known for being vocal. After all, we grew up as social media boomed to the forefront of digital technology. We (illegally) downloaded songs and posted our favorite lyrics on our Friendster pages; we “built” online journals so we could chronicle our teenage lives; we take photos like there’s no tomorrow and share them with anyone willing to double tap.


But with this behavior comes one vital fact: We have opinions. And whether or not this sits well with our friends, family or society in general, it doesn’t really matter; we have our opinions and we have something to say.


And when do these opinions matter most on a national scale other than election season?


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This isn’t a poll. We did not, by any means, gather thousands of people to ask who they are voting for in the hope of getting a sense of who might get a seat in the senate. We instead asked why, when you’re only given 12 slots to fill, would you give it to a particular person in a pool of 62?


And please chill, we arranged in alphabetical order.


Bam Aquino

Facebook, Twitter, Web


“[His] focus on education—RA 10931, law for free college or universal access to quality tertiary education; RA10679, financial literacy and youth entrepreneurship act, etc. Helping the poor to more sustainable lives—RA 10644, Go Negosyo Act. Microfinance, etc.”


“[His] track record for education and financial support policies.”


Chel Diokno

Facebook, Twitter, Web


“[The] dean of a law school [with] extensive work defending the poor and downtrodden. Also very intelligent.”


“A clean record.”


“For his work as a human rights lawyer with the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), his focus on helping the poor and marginalized first—justice, inclusiveness and environment.”


“His family’s history, his resume. What he stands for, his “Boses ng katarungan” tagline. For everything that he has thus far stood against (extra-judicial killings, the harassment of free media, lowering the criminal age liability) and what he has stood for (justice, proper implementation and understanding of the law, human rights).”


“Duterte hates him so I love him. Also, human rights advocate.”


Samira Gutoc

Facebook, Twitter, Web


“We need a minority, [a] female representative who is honest and competent.”


“There is merit in finding representation for the under-represented. And while anyone can claim to be the voice of the unheard, Gutoc puts her money where her mouth is. Plus, her Twitter is a sassy Twitter that I can get behind.”


“She's a woman, so I assume Duterte hates her. And because she's a strong woman leader, it means she scares him. I'm down with that. Also, environment and women's rights advocate.”


Florin Hilbay

Facebook, Twitter


“Brilliant constitutional lawyer—just what the senate needs.”


“Been following him on Twitter even before he announced his candidacy. Very smart dude and I agree with all the things he say, especially when he's criticizing government.”


Mar Roxas

Facebook, Twitter, Web


“[His] track record for economic policies.”


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The others we talked to had a different answer to our question. Instead of knowing who they were going to vote for, they just knew who not to vote for. In a way, sometimes we have to resort for the least-of-the-evil as opposed to the honest-to-goodness-good. But either way, what did you think? Did their opinions sway you? Did you react positively or negatively, did you agree or disagree? Were there names mentioned that you hadn’t even considered and now are curious about?


If nothing happened, then try this out. Someone out there made a political compatibility calculator. Select what you stand for and don’t stand for, and see who matches your opinions. Check it out here. Just remember that this doesn’t take into consideration track record, pending cases and history.



Art Alexandra Lara


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