Wonder Fresh April 2022: Blast This Playlist for When You Wanna Feel Yourself

Wonder Fresh April 2022: Blast This Playlist for When You Wanna Feel Yourself

Best played in full blasts when you’re getting ready or in need of a mood switch



Welcome back to Wonder Fresh, our monthly playlist of new releases and favorite tracks. For April, we’re adding a different spin to the lineup.


This April, Team Wonder continues to celebrate Every Body. From acknowledging our battles to exploring different ways of self-care, we’re all about honoring ourselves. That’s why our Wonder Fresh playlist consists of empowering anthems best played on full blast. We bring you songs for when you feel yourself as you get ready or need a quick mood switch after a particularly rough week. This playlist carves a safe space for everyone to explore (self-)love and more.


Lizzo kicks off the playlist with About Damn Time, declaring, “It’s bad bitch o’clock, it’s thick thirty.” The funky track has Lizzo singing about her feelings and finally reaching a nice point in her life. Here to bring the tempo up is the P-pop girl group KAIA. With its electrically charged instrumental, Blah Blah sings about the conflicts of love while realizing that loving—yourself and the other person—also means letting go. Next, stellar girl group IVE comes in hot with LOVE DIVE, another addictive pop song ready to take over your playlist. Before you know it, you’re also singing, “Narcissistic, my god, I love it.”


Lizzo, About Damn Time



KAIA, Blah Blah






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For a more sensual mood, we bring Chloë Bailey’s R&B track: Treat Me. Dripping with confidence, she lists all the qualifications of her future lover. After all, she knows what she needs and wants, so why should she settle? In the same breath, BIBI looks for the Best Lover—if you catch my drift. Thanks to the smooth and chill 80s-era warps and synths, she takes us to a different planet. Up next, we list down a classic by Jorja Smith and Burna Boy. In Be Honest, the singer is candid in laying down all her wishes over Afrobeats bound to make you move. 


Chloë, Treat Me



BIBI, Best Lover 



Jorja Smith ft. Burna Boy, Be Honest 



Tapering down from the high is Col3trane featuring Kiana Ledé with Clutch. Assurances and smooth lines wrap this sweet love song with a buttery rhythm, ready to brighten your mood. Here to close the playlist out is Destiny Rogers. Tomboy is for all the strong, independent people who can’t be bothered with expectations. The singer refuses to be tied down to different labels and stereotypes, embracing all the hats she’s proud of wearing.


Col3trane ft. Kiana Ledé, Clutch



Destiny Rogers, Tomboy



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Listen, dance to and enjoy Wonder Fresh April 2022 right here:




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