Wonder Fresh July 2022: Take It Easy with Bella Poarch, ena mori and More

Wonder Fresh July 2022: Take It Easy with Bella Poarch, ena mori and More

Welcome back to Wonder Fresh July 2022, our monthly roundup of fresh tunes you *need* to listen to



Welcome back to Wonder Fresh July 2022, our monthly roundup of fresh tunes you *need* to listen to. We took a break for a short month, but we’re back and spotlighting our favorite Filipino artists, Paolo Sandejas, Bella Poarch, ena mori and more.



Can you believe that we’re already halfway into 2022? Six (seemingly long) months have passed, and we’re a few jumps away from closing the year. But instead of running head first into the year's second half, we’re taking it easy. Stepping back, rage-dancing the worries away and even turning inward. So whether it’s letting the music lull you into a sense of peace, pushing you to dance away your worries or looking for that extra push, our picks from Wonder Fresh July has a song just for you.


We’re kicking off the playlist with Paolo Sandejas, whose 2020 release called Sorry landed on BTS V’s driving playlist. With his deep, soulful vocals and buttery indie pop sound, the track will lull you into a quiet, gentle headspace. But don’t be fooled because his hopeful lyrics also bear a tinge of hurt. In the same breath, Alamat doubles up on the yearning with their newest R&B release, Say U Love Me. The multilingual track gets enhanced with electric guitar riffs, creating a sensual love song reminiscent of early Usher and Ne-Yo. Meanwhile, Young Cocoa joins Singaporean singer Sezairi in Dead. The two create a different kind of palpable tension as Sezairi’s charismatic timbre is matched by Young Cocoa’s low rap flows.


Paolo Sandejas, “Sorry”


Alamat, “Say U Love Me”


Sezairi ft. Young Cocoa, “Dead”


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Everyone else has other definitions of taking it easy. And for people like me, it involves dancing all my emotions and worries away, letting the music move me to whatever rhythm suits it best. Silas kicks off this part of the Wonder Fresh July playlist with Hauntingly, a song about losing someone and one’s mind never being at rest. With its instrumental quickly plucked out of 80s pop-rock, Silas beckons you to dance all the worries away. ena mori’s KING OF THE NIGHT! sustains the mood. With colorful visuals and equally colorful synths and electronic warps accompanying her distinct voice, you’ll feel like the King of the Night yourself.


Silas, “Hauntingly”


ena mori, “KING OF THE NIGHT!”


Looking for more inspiration to turn inward? Lesha’s Demons is an incredible, cosmic reminder not to let negativity win over your self-image. With her alluring siren-like vocals and an otherworldly take on electronic pop music, Lesha pulls you to push back against the voice inside your head feeding you lies. But if you need a push to kick naysayers to the curb, we’re closing our Wonder Fresh July 2022 playlist with Bella Poarch’s Dolls. The TikToker-slash-singer lands a fierce punch on those who limit her (and other women) to neat little boxes, biting back against expectations and setting stereotypes aflame. Another plus to this song is its pleasing music video, with appearances from her friends and family.


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Lesha, “Demons”


Bella Poarch, “Dolls”


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