Wonder Fresh July 2023: New Hits by the New Generation

Wonder Fresh July 2023: New Hits by the New Generation

Serving you hit-worthy drops by the future of music



This month of July, Wonder aims to highlight the kids these days. The rising industry stars ready to show the world what the new generation looks like. So naturally, we’re zeroing in on new hits by the new gen for Wonder Fresh. Bops by young prodigies, industry newbies and emerging talents.




Global girl group XG welcomes a new era by shying away from their twinkling R&B earworms and bringing forth a fierce anthem, GRL GVNG. Heavily influenced by slick hip-hop beats, the seven-piece sings about their immense drive. Lensed and directed by famous photographer Cho Gi-Seok, the music video and concept photos are the cherry on top. GRL GVNG is just a peek into their upcoming EP, and we can’t wait for them to take the world by storm.


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Do It Like That by TXT and the Jonas Brothers


What do you get when you mix the old with the new? One of the summer’s best anthems so far.


After many teasers and content, K-pop heavyweights Tomorrow X Together drop Do It Like That with the Jonas Brothers. Addictive, joyful and euphoric—the funky, disco-pop anthem has the power to make you get up and dance.


Liwanag by rienne


Listening to rienne’s soft and melodic sweet lilt over their instrumentals' vibrant atmosphere is always a treat. For Liwanag, the singer-songwriter laments about the pain and joy of a brand new love. They explore the joy when suspended in the moment and the fear that it would have to end so soon. “It's about that moment when you stay in that warm, safe morning sunlight,” they share in a press release. “You hope the sunlight (AKA your person) won't leave because you know you aren't going anywhere.”


Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo


After landslide success with driver’s license and the whole of good 4 u, Olivia Rodrigo returns to the scene with vampire. In another show of her unique lyricism and storytelling, the songstress talks about being bled dry by an ex. This emotive pop ballad begins with a piano-led instrumental before it soars into a cathartic crescendo, something that will catapult you into running through an empty field to shake everything off. If anything, vampire has set the bar high for her upcoming album, GUTS.


New Jeans by NewJeans


It’s no secret that NewJeans has taken the world by storm thanks to Hype Boy’s expansive popularity and the sustained momentum provided by Ditto and OMG. While people expect the attention to lessen as it's been a year since their debut, that's just not the case. The self-titled single is the first taste of their new era and new EP called GET UP. New Jeans further expands their foray into UK garage and Jersey club influences. Plus, a music video inspired (and co-signed) by The Powerpuff Girls.


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Apart from these fresh new hits, we also recommend hitting play on hits by Stef Aranas, Dom Guyot, Juan Karlos and Zild.




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