Wonder Fresh June: We Made It Halfway Through 2020

Wonder Fresh June: We Made It Halfway Through 2020

Something to raise the spirits because we’re all dealing with a lot



Between the chaos spurred by a deadly virus, an uprising triggered by racism and very real feelings of unsafety in our own spaces, virtual or otherwise, there’s little room to breathe, to process, to find solace. We trudge along the everyday with heavy hearts and feet. But we need a day off from the fighting to take time to check in with ourselves; to cry, to scream, to hug someone or ourselves (coronavirus is still out there, just saying), to blast music and just dance.


This month, #WonderFresh highlights the best new music curated by Wonder that’s good for the soul.


Opening June is Better, Dominic Chin’s new single that might just get those endorphins up, even for a mere three minutes. Poppy and upbeat, the song is about being high on love. Lady Gaga also returns with Sour Candy, the long-awaited collab with Blackpink. “I’m sour candy, so sweet then I get a little angry/ I’m super psycho, make you crazy?when I turn the lights low,” makes it the anthem for all the baddies. For some easy listening, lend your ears to OnlyOneOf’s angel under the EP Produced by [ ] Part 1. The song is about the duality of good and evil, best expressed through the music video directed by Woojae Kim. Up next is Zella Day’s My Game, a hypnotic disco track from her forthcoming EP Where Does The Devil Hide that’ll take you on a feverish time travel away from the here and now.


Also on this month’s playlist is Filipino-Danish Ericka Jane’s Always The Same. Bop-inducing, the song is a reality check on love and expectations, getting hurt and realizing we all deserve better. Looking for something upbeat but with a little more soul? John Legend just dropped his sixth studio album and we have Bigger Love (and Conversations in the Dark) on repeat for when we need a pick-me-up. Closing the list is Gareth. T’s Best Me I Can; a smooth R&B track you can slow groove to.



Dominic Chin, BETTER


Lady Gaga, Sour Candy


OnlyOneOf, angel


Zella Day, My Game


Ericka Jane, Always The Same



John Legend, Bigger Love


John Legend’s latest album features 16 tracks, and includes guest spots and collaborations with Gary Clark Jr., Jhene Aiko, Koffee, Rapsody and Camper.


Gareth T., Best Me I Can




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