Wonder Fresh March 2022: Women’s Month Plays

Wonder Fresh March 2022: Women’s Month Plays

Jam to these songs this Women’s Month and beyond



Welcome to Wonder Fresh, our monthly roundup of new releases and favorite songs.


March brought in a lot of amazing new releases. And as we celebrate the Nasty Woman and all her complexities this Women’s Month, we round up tunes penned and sung by our fave women in music


Wonder Fresh opens with Twinnem singer Coi Leray teaming up with Nicki Minaj for the bass-heavy Blick Blick. Filled with the attitude to commandeer a room, this track fits best as you get ready for a girls’ night out. Coi Leray’s fun bars, coupled with Nicki Minaj’s signature flow, will have you dancing and hyped during the pregame. Two hot girls sustain the mood set as Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa sing about being the Sweetest Pie.


Coi Leray ft. Nicki Minaj, Blick Blick

Megan Thee Stallion ft. Dua Lipa, Sweetest Pie


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A little lonelier this month? Mxmtoon encourages us to dance at the sad disco, painting a picture of a girl holing up in her room for a solo dance party in order to shake it all off. Also here to turn the mood back again are the B-side Queens of K-pop, Red Velvet, with Beg For Me. The smooth and synth-heavy track boasts the girl group’s colorful harmonies and vocals, pushing you to sing along when they say, “Dance for me / Work for me / Beg for me.” Before you know it, you’re in a slightly better mood. Another girl group takes over Wonder Fresh as LITZ comes in with KIDLAT. Heart, Ashtine, Yumi, Fatima and Bianca show off more of their vocal prowesses for their debut song. The anthemic song is all about putting yourself first in all aspects, a little reminder we need now and then.


mxmtoon, sad disco

Red Velvet, Beg For Me



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We wind down with Ace Banzuelo’s Babae, a retro pop track bound to bring you soaring through the clouds. Here, he explores the first few moments of a crush—getting to know each other and promising them that they won’t regret meeting you. Seori’s hypnotic Can’t Stop Us Party sustains the high thanks to her dreamy vocals, urging you to move and feel it all. Beabadoobee closes Wonder Fresh with the palate cleanser Talk. With an instrumental one can describe as fizzling, fuzzy and sweet, beabadoobee sings about our self-indulgent tendencies that we can’t seem to curb.


Ace Banzuelo, babae

Seori, Can’t Stop This Party

beabadoobee, Talk


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