Wonder Fresh October: Bedroom Jams to Uplift Your Mood

Wonder Fresh October: Bedroom Jams to Uplift Your Mood

A music playlist for mood booster for today's isolated nation


Wonder Fresh highlights our top tracks and music for the month. Last August, we invited Keiko Necesario to curate a playlist of songs that reflect her journey as a musician. This month is all about releasing the old and making space for the new. We're giving you a list of chill and upbeat songs to keep you company during these difficult times.

Starting off, Keshi's always captures the constantly shifting state of the heart. The Houston-based artist ties together distinctive notes of lofi hip-hop, otherworldly R&B and pop melodies; creating the perfect bop for late-night chill sessions. Following up with Khai dreams, Sunkissed is about reminiscing all the experiences you’ve shared with someone. The 21-year-old singer sprinkles optimism on memories with loved ones despite being isolated during this pandemic.

The Vamps makes a comeback with their newest album Cherry Blossom. Their most recent Blossom Session debuted Would You live on screen. Let The Vamps serenade you with a soft-pop masterpiece that’ll leave you swaying to its slight Bossa nova feel. Switch up the vibe with Valley’s BE THE ONE, an upbeat indie-pop hook. Their newest EP sucks to see you doing better sparks conversations about raw emotions concerning mental health, heartache and the complexities of young adulthood.

Ghosted in October? Sad Alex and gnash own their bitterness with the release of their collaborative single I’m glad that you found someone. Sad Alex brings her signature sense of humor and honesty to her songs about lust, love and hate. It’s the perfect theme song for the newly brokenhearted this festive ghosting season.

As we know, fall is the season for letting go. So this October, Lauv & Conan Gray remind us to drop corrupt friendships and relationships with their new song Fake. Conan admitted, “We wanted to make something fun you can scream in the car to, a song to flip a bird at those types of people.” Whether you’re alone in your room or driving in your car, it wouldn’t hurt to belt out some frustration.

After months of anticipation from fans, rising superstar Johnny Orlando’s sophomore EP It’s Never Really Over is finally out. His first track on the album, Everybody Wants You, is currently #1 most added at the Top 40 radio in Canada. Another hit to watch out for is COIN’s much anticipated EP Indigo-Violet. COIN just dropped the music video for Sort it Out, featuring a performance from world-famous ‘80s and ‘90s animatronic sensation Rock A Fire Explosion.

We're ending the playlist right with Positions by Ariana Grande. Ariana reiterates the fact that women can do it all! The music video reveals Ariana being in a position of power but switches up to a nurturing housewife for her man. This year may have been a rough one, but Ariana is here to remind us all that we are independent, strong individuals who can make it anywhere “from the kitchen to the bedroom” this quarantine.

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Keshi, always


khai dreams, Sunkissed


The Vamps, Would You


Valley, BE THE ONE


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sad alex, i’m glad that you found someone ft. gnash


Lauv & Conan Gray, Fake


Johnny Orlando, Everybody Wants You


COIN, Sort it Out


Ariana Grande, Positions


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