Wonder Fresh January: Smooth Tunes and Uplifting Listens

Wonder Fresh January: Smooth Tunes and Uplifting Listens

We’re serving a playlist for winding down this January



This year, our monthly playlist Wonder Fresh is back and in full swing. We’re here to bring you only the freshest tracks that live in our playlists rent-free. 


Unfortunately, January 2022 opened with a rocky start. What seemed like a hopeful year for the taking felt like a month out of 2020. Days and weeks muddled together as we all shuttered our doors,  stayed inside to keep safe and simplified our routines. It was a sensitive time, one where our phones rang with texts that said “keep safe” and “take care.” In effect, we turned to things that bring us  joy or nostalgia, or served as a place to escape, like curating go-to playlists. With the help of music, we reminisced about our favorite memories, manifested brighter days for the future and enjoyed the time we had to ourselves. So, scroll ahead for our recommendations of smooth tunes and uplifting listens that narrate the tumultuous journey of January.


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Gabe Watkins’ Blue Skies opens the playlist in a light-hearted pop track with somber lyrics. It serves as the perfect backdrop and reminder to let go of bad relationships and leave them in 2021. But if you’re on the other side of the spectrum and longing for The One—because, let’s face it, pandemic-induced LDRs are a pain—Will Joseph Cook’s 4AM fits best as a late-night-slash-early-morning track. Soothing and calm with saxophones and slow beats, the song is ready to hold you and your vulnerabilities. Next, check out Social Climb's Moments if you’re feeling a bit more nostalgic about your friends and loved ones. The song perfectly encapsulates the odd midpoint of the present and a quarter-life crisis. So, after all the changes we’ve been through, what does the future hold?


Gabe Watkins, Blue Skies

Playlist from Will Joseph Cook, 4AM

Social Climb, Moments


Here to pick up the playlist’s mood is four-piece group PREP with The Kid. Despite the groovy bop it carries, the track takes on the perspective of someone who only realizes what they had when it’s gone. So don’t forget to count your blessings. K-hip hop rappers BE’O and Beenzino come in with Counting Stars as another reminder to say thanks for the good things in your life. Hiding under the easy rhythm is a sentimental message that pays tribute to their father figures, who supported them until their shot to fame.

PREP, The Kid

BE’O ft. Beenzino, Counting Stars


In the same breath, Rich Brian notes down the things that both humbled and un-humbled him with Sunny, the last song from his surprise EP Brightside. The climb to the top gets more confusing, but at least we’ve got people to anchor us down. For another reminder to stay true to the grind (without giving yourself away, K?), Claudia Barretto recruits rapper Because for EVERYTHING. “Been improving what I’m doing / And I’m proud,” she sings, embodying the mood to stay focused on your goals and take pride in your progress. 


Rich Brian, Sunny



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Young Cocoa’s recently-revived 2021 track, Manila, closes off this month’s Wonder Fresh playlist on a lighter note. From Katip to Alabang, the rapper drops nod after nod to our favorite spots in the city that barely sleeps—a perfect song for good vibes during a good drive. 


Young Cocoa, Manila


Listen to Wonder Fresh January 2022 in its entirety right here:




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