#Trending: The Year In Search 2019

#Trending: The Year In Search 2019

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It was in June 2006 when “google” officially entered the Oxford Dictionary—and why not? People all over the world used the search engine so naturally that it only made sense to make things official. 


“Did you google her/him yet?” is uttered before first dates. “Why don’t you google it?” is an underhanded question that people throw when they can’t explain something themselves. “Does it make it to the first page when you google the terms?” our SEO specialists ask us. 


Google, once a humble startup, turned into a big enough giant that even those with very little access to the online world understood what it meant: “to type words into the search engine in order to find information about somebody/something.”


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Well, it’s been more than a decade and most of us grew up knowing nothing but googling. And if we’re looking at the year in search 2019—information you can easily access through Google Trends—we can see just what the world was interested in and who was kept at the top of everyone’s minds. 


But first, maybe a look back at 2018 for comparison? 





I’m pleased to say that the most searched news piece this year is Halalan 2019. The senatorial elections, after all, had most of us worked up and watching the numbers go up in hope that our bets would make it to the final 12. Whether or not they did, we have them until 2025. 


Succeeding top searches: LET results March 2019, earthquake today, SOGIE bill, CSC result 2019, Amazon rainforest, Lotto results today, Meningococcemia, SONA 2019, bar exam results 2019



Hello, SB19, you ruled over the male personality search for 2019. As the first Filipino boy group trained under a Korean entertainment company, what else could we expect? 




Succeeding top searches: Vico Sotto, Gerald Anderson, Isko Moreno, James Charles, Joaquin Phoenix, Bamboo Manalac, Dante Gulapa, Ion Perez, Juan Karlos


In the female corner, however, there is Jane De Leon, who follows the footsteps of Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera, Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino and others in playing the iconic role of Darna. Big shoes to fill? Definitely—but here’s to hoping the she fits them perfectly. 


Succeeding top searches: Gretchen Barretto, Gazini Ganados, Marjorie Barretto, Catroiona Gray, Julia Barretto, Billie Eilish, Jelai Andres, Brie Larson, Naomi Scott


TV & film 

This is a surprise to me considering how big Hello, Love, Goodbye was, but the top searched film was still Avengers: Endgame. Guess you just can’t beat the power of Marvel, huh? But while I have you, let me just say that I still vividly remember that moment Captain America appears on screen with Mjolnir for the first time, as well as the moment when he finally—finally—says “Avengers, assemble.” 




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Succeeding top searches: Hello, Love, Goodbye, Captain Marvel, John Wick 3, Bird Box, Frozen 2, Aladdin, Weathering With You, Aquaman, Alita: Battle Angel


If we’re talking television, the year in search 2019 award goes to Idol Philippines. Judged by Regine Velasquez, Vice Ganda, James Reid and Moira Dela Torre and hosted by Billy Crawford, the first season saw Zephanie Dimaranan take first place. 




Succeeding top searches: Starstruck, Hotel del Luna, Kadenang Ginto, I Have a Lover, Game Of Thrones, The Voice Kids, Money Heist, One Punch Man, American Music Awards


Music (AKA songs and lyrics)

When it comes to song and lyric searches, the country was kind of everywhere. There was a mix of OPM and international hits, but Memories, apparently, was everyone’s LSS song. 


Succeeding top searches: Ikaw at Ako, Binalewala, A Whole New World, Kahit Ayaw Mo Na, Zebbiana, Nobela, Neneng B, Buwan, Kill This Love



While I know the world of gaming is a vast one, apparently gaming site MemoryHackers was the second top trending item of 2019 (following only online chat site Omegle). 


Succeeding top searches: Codashop, Redline v3.0, Unipin, Krunker, NBA 2k20 APK, Ro-Ghoul codes, Lulubox, Y82, Call of Duty mobile 



As it happens every year, 2019 took some beloved names from us. Some of them we had to bid farewell to because their bodies couldn’t take it anymore and some took their own lives. The top search for us in the Philippines? Veteran actor Eddie Garcia.  


Succeeding top searches: Sulli, Gina Lopez, Chokoleit, Cameron Boyce, Henry Sy, Goo Hara, Amalia Fuentes, Bentong, Luke Perry 


“How to”

This one’s a funny category, but the year in search 2019 wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite: The How To’s. Thank you, Google, for not making us feel alone in our ignorance!


Back to the point. Oddly enough, we can’t claim to be so tech savvy because this year’s top query for this category is how to dark mode. Don’t worry though, we also don’t know how to cook, type and lose weight. 




Succeeding top searches: how to read and write in Korean, how to type ñ in laptop, how to lose weight fast, how to use face mask, how to know your precinct number, how to connect phone to TV, how to cook beef steak, how to make milk tea, how to play Mobile Legends


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As we close the year, I learned that I generally do not search like most of the people in my country. Year in search 2019 is not my 2019. How did you do? 



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