You Could Be Part of YG Entertainment’s Next Boy Group

You Could Be Part of YG Entertainment’s Next Boy Group

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking you could be in an all-boy version of BLACKPINK, here’s your golden ticket



Over the past year and then some, we’ve seen Zoom used for many things—online classes, meetings, performances, you name it—but I believe most of you are with me when I say I never expected YG Entertainment would hold their next round of auditions via the app. That’s right, YG Entertainment, as in the label that birthed artists like Big Bang, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK. They’re beefing up their roster for their next boy group project and, with a little help from Zoom and the internet, you could be a part of it.


That’s right, fellas. YG’s 2021 boy group auditions are going online.



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Here’s what’s up. Every candidate must show off their talents, whether they be vocal abilities, rap skills, dancing or, if you won the genetic lottery, good looks. These are the four tenets upon which any good K-pop group is built, after all.


Vocal and rap candidates need to do their thing for a minute and a half. Dancers, on the other hand, get around one minute to show their choreography without a track, so long as their full body can be seen in the clip. These applications can be done in any language, without any background music playing. Those who are putting their best faces forward in the appearance category have a little more freedom. For one minute, they are free to show any and all of their talents.


There are a few rules to keep in mind before diving in, though. Since training for a K-pop debut can last anywhere between a few months to a decade, YG Entertainment is opening the auditions only for boys born from 2002 to 2010. Opening the doors of opportunity to every country, applicants of all nationalities are welcome to participate. However, to avoid potential disputes, candidates must also have no relationships with other entertainment companies. Furthermore, every applicant is only allowed to audition once. 


If you’re interested, here’s what you need to do. Register for the audition online and indicate your preferred date and language (Korean, English, Japanese or Chinese). Make sure you get a confirmation email, and make it to your scheduled appointment with the YG Entertainment casting manager.


The application period ends on May 23, with the announcement of results taking place on June 12 of this year. Only applicants who make it to the next round will be informed of the audition results. 



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Keep tabs on YG audition updates by following their Instagram and Facebook pages! 



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