On The Rise: Young Creatives You Need to Know

On The Rise: Young Creatives You Need to Know

Young and brimming with potential, these are the local artists, illustrators and designers you should be paying attention to



As much as I’d like to say that this story was published on schedule, it is to my dismay and my editor’s (Hi, Sarah!) that it’s hitting the site a day late. This time, though, my inability to buckle down and focus wasn't the transgressor. Surprisingly, it was the opposite: I was, to put things lightly, in the zone. Eyes peeled, fingers scrolling, pages deep in pursuit of the local creative scene's youngbloods.


There are quite a number of things our people are recognized for: our hospitality, our seamless code switching abilities, our terrible choices where the government and politics are concerned. Another is our prominence and prowess in the arts. While it’s usually the performing arts that Filipinos are associated with, we serve up plenty of promise in the realms of visual and multimedia arts, too. 


If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, I present the results of multiple rounds of combing over the world wide web in search of rising young Filipino creatives. Hit like, give them a follow, bookmark their pages. Remember their names, because these kids are headed somewhere.


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Geli Luna

Find her on: Instagram or Web

Follow Geli for: Extremely pleasing color palettes, slice-of-life typography that sometimes hits too close to home and quirky Sunnies Face 3D videos (which she makes the storyboards for!)

Young Filipino Creatives - Geli Luna Geli Luna

Images via @gelitries


Liyan Tamares

Find her on: Instagram

Follow Liyan for: Familiar scenes that look and feel like home, rendered in vivid watercolor

Young Filipno Creatives - Liyan Tamares On The Rise: Young Creatives You Need to Know

Images via @artsyclutter


Pauline Roy

Find her on: Instagram

Follow Pauline for: Pastel-toned digital doodles that capture small feelings and address big issues

Young Filipino Creatives - Pauline Roy Pauline Roy

Images via @pauichan


Louis Espinosa

Find him on: Twitter

Follow Louis for: Hands, hyperrealism and long periods of introspection

Young Filipino Creatives - Louis Espinosa Louis Espinosa

Images via @ouiespnsa


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Camila Sunn

Find her on: Instagram

Follow Camila for: Line art, some serious tattoo inspo and the occasional rock band tribute

Young Filipino Creatives - Camila Sunn Camila Sunn

Images via @pusangkalat


Krizia Lim

Find her on: Instagram

Follow Krizia for: Illustration and the engaging kind of design work that will make you want to pick up a pamphlet, take it home and tuck it away for future inspiration

Young Filipino Creatives - Krizia Lim Krizia Lim

Images via @bykrizialim


Katrina Pallon

Find her on: Web

Follow Katrina for: Rich palettes, oriental flavor and women, women, women.

Young Filipino Creatives - Katrina Pallon Young Filipino Creatives - Katrina Pallon 2

Images via @katrinapallon


Now, I'm no art critic, but there seems to be no shortage of talent from what I can see.


Most of these artists accept commissions or are open to projects, so if you're ready to take things beyond a follow and double-tap (and pay fairly, might I add), the links are meant to help you get the ball rolling. Go forth and support!



Art Alexandra Lara

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