YouTube Music Is The New Streaming Platform for Listeners

YouTube Music Is The New Streaming Platform for Listeners

It's time to make the switch 

YouTube is the melting pot of music videos, product reviews, instructional material and trailers—but it doesn't end there. Introducing YouTube Music, a new platform for everything related to music: official MVs, live performances, covers, singles and remixes. Crafted for the Filipino and their undying love for music, the reimagined made-for-music app and web player offer a personalized music experience—for both audio and video. Here are a few reasons that make the switch!

Scour through thousands of playlists available across any genre to fit every mood, activity or language. With a wider catalog, it's even easier to discover hard-to-find content! With recommendations built for you, the home screen dynamically adapts to recently played media. Stay updated on trending content on the dedicated Hotlist screen.

With seamless audio or video switching, transitioning between music videos and songs is as simple as the tap of a button. This unique feature gives YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers uninterrupted listening and watching.

It's powered by search! No need to download a separate app for that song you heard during a quick trip to Forever 21 or your daily Starbucks fix. Goodbye, Shazam! With smart search, YouTube Music finds the song, even if you don't remember what it's called. Search by lyrics—even if they're wrong—by typing or using voice search.

Google Philippines' head of marketing Gabby Roxas shares, “The launch of YouTube Music here in the Philippines gives [Filipinos] a whole new way to enjoy music they love and more excitingly, introduces them to exclusive covers and originals that they cannot find elsewhere.”

For offline downloads and a completely ad-free experience, a paid membership of YouTube Music Premium starts at P129/month.

Subscribers of Google Play Music will get YouTube Music Premium membership as part of their subscription each month. Sign up to YouTube Music today via Google Play Store, iOS App Store or web and get one month free for YouTube Music Premium. 

Art Alexandra Lara

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