What Cheesy Christmas Movie Will Be Your Holiday Destiny? Take This Quiz To Find Out


November 28, 2022
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Have a happy, Hallmark-esque Holidays



It’s the holiday season, which means it’s also time for us to unapologetically stream corny Hallmark Christmas movies. Nothing screams time well spent than binge-watching hour-and-a-half-long flicks about falling in love with your fake holidate, your best friend or a stranger you meet against the snowy and festive backdrop of the season. Love or hate these tropes, watching these films have become a Christmas tradition. Sure, they’re cliché, predictable and corny as hell but the festive vibes are admittedly immaculate. Plus, they’re an easy way to get into the spirit.


But underneath all the snow, fairy lights and romantic relationships are life lessons we need to learn about ourselves. This is probably why we still love watching them. Christmas movies exist not only to spread cheer, but to teach us things we might have lost sight of throughout the year. After all, we spend too much time chasing things or staying afloat that we tend to forget what matters most. From self-image and family dynamics to the ins and outs of romance, these movies know how to say it like it is.  What’s a better way to swallow a bitter pill than with the help of a heaping cup of hot chocolate?


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But what if I told you that you might have your Hallmark movie moment this Christmas? Not necessarily with all the misfortunes and slapstick occurrences, but more on the important life lessons learned by being home. Well, discover which cheesy Christmas movie will be your holiday destiny this year.


What Cheesy Christmas Movie Will Be Your Holiday Destiny?

What’s one thing about holiday family reunions that stresses you out?

A. Nothing, really! I love being around my loved ones surrounded by gifts, food and festivities.
B. Being alone *romantically* on this fine festive season, especially with my cousins and siblings bringing +1s this year.
C. Getting compared to my perfect, poster child of a sibling/cousin throughout the reunion.
D. All the questions about my singlehood. Make. It. STOP.
E. My family, as kind as they are, nosing their way into everyone’s lives, including mine.

How do you react when a relative gives unsolicited comments during a reunion?

A. Tbh, I’ve played into their expectations enough for them to leave me alone.
B. It depends on my mood, really. I can either smile to make no fuss or give them a scathing comeback for the biggest fuss of them all.
C. Grin and nod like I’m listening, but I actually fail to retain anything.
D. Smile, bear it and go into the kitchen to drink more alcohol. You know, to keep the peace.
E. Laugh it off before excusing myself to get more food. Or alcohol—whichever’s closer.

Pick a typical holiday-only dish to scarf down while your family roasts you during the reunion.

A. Bibingka and puto bumbong made fresh, please.
B. Ensaymada and hot chocolate to keep me ~warm~.
C. Lechon, with the crunchy skin, to tune out all the comparisons I’m hearing.
D. Leche flan straight from the llanera—this whole thing is mine.
E. Mom’s fruit salad—no fail every year.

When it comes to gift-receiving, you are:

A. Difficult to find a gift for, supposedly, because I have everything that I need and want!
B. Easy to please! You can give me socks (again) and I’d totally be happy to have them.
C. A gracious gift receiver. I prefer practical gifts, but I won’t turn down whatever I get.
D. I’m told that I’m easy to please, but that’s because I just take all and re-gift some throughout the year.
E. I’m generally grateful for anything, just don’t give me anything too weird or personalized.

However, in terms of gift-giving, you are:

A. Generous as hell! I pay attention to what my loved ones and friends like and try to get them things from their wishlists.
B. Very giving but under certain conditions: I give good gifts that are within budget.
C. Honestly? Generic AF. I usually just hoard chocolate-covered digestives and give them away.
D. A bit lazy. Sometimes I re-gift things, sometimes I just buy everyone generic gifts to give away.
E. Unselfish, but there are instances when I don’t know how to choose gifts for certain people.

To get in the festive mood or at least feel something, which of the following cheesy movies do you watch?

A. The Princess Switch (2018)
B. Four Christmases (2006)
C. The Holidate (2019)
D. The Proposal (2009)
E. Last Christmas (2019)

But be honest, what do you *really* want this Christmas?

A. Honestly? Just do my own thing, minus the pressure and expectations I set.
B. A break from everything—work and fulfilling my personal life.
C. For my family to accept that I’m not throwing my life away, their expectations are just too much.
D. A new significant other to have beyond cuffing season, one who’ll love me, flaws and all.
E. My family to get off my back and trust that I can get on my own two feet, thank you.

Lastly, pick a classic Holiday anthem to blast all season long:

A. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by Michael Bublé
B. All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey
C. Christmas Song by ena mori
D. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
E. ‘tis the damn season by Taylor Swift

All 8 questions completed!

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What Cheesy Christmas Movie Will Be Your Holiday Destiny?

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