Will You Survive A Horror Movie? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Will You Survive A Horror Movie? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Are you the final survivor or will you die first?



If I have a bone to pick with many of the stereotypical horror movies (not you, Jordan Peele), it is the fact that the characters never seem to leave things alone. They find a creepy book and decide to read it out loud, and then cry when malevolent forces get unleashed. Teens take it upon themselves to play with spirits when they unearth a suspicious-looking Ouija board. Then they run away when the ghosts chase after them. Boo hoo!


Let’s be honest: if you’re not hiding behind your hands to foil the jumpscares, you’re screaming at the characters to stop playing with the unknown. You wonder why no one seems to be the rational person, protecting themselves the way we think they should. Throw the tape away! Don’t even pick up that suspicious box! Remove all thoughts of buying that creepy ass doll! Instead, we yell at them to stay strong enough, to not to tremble so much that they drop important things, like keys to the car or the sole weapon that will protect them. (TBH though, if they manage to avoid tragedy, we wouldn’t have a movie.)


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But let Wonder ask you a question: if you were in the shoes of these protagonists, how would you act? Will you ignore all the signs or play into peer pressure? Well, let’s add some fun in hypothesizing our fates in a regular freaky film. Will you die first or will you be the lone survivor? Take this horror movie quiz to find out.


Will You Survive A Horror Movie? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Will You Survive A Horror Movie?

1. You receive a phone call from an unknown number. When you pick up the phone, all you hear is static and heavy breathing. What do you do?

A. Get angry and keep asking who they are.
B. Wait for them to speak and hang up if they don’t respond after a few seconds.
C. Text the number to ask who they are.
D. Hang up and block the number.
E. Breathe heavily to scare the caller off.

2. When going through your family’s attic, you come across an old VHS tape labeled “TO DESTROY.” What will you do with it?

A. Play it to see why they want to destroy it in the first place.
B. Keep it and watch the tape with my friends during the next sleepover.
C. Bring it down and ask my parents about it.
D. Leave it alone—I won’t move it, touch it or lift it up for inspection.
E. Move it to a place someone else will see it, so I can rope them into watching it together.

3. The neighborhood warns your family about a Satanic cult breaking into houses for their rituals. How do you react?

A. Ask for more details and reasons why they got that conclusion.
B. Brush it off and laugh.
C. Won’t think much of it, but I’ll still doublecheck our locks doors for good measure.
D. Update my house’s locks as soon as possible.
E. Double up on praying to my Higher being for protection.

4. Your friends decided to explore the abandoned haunted house notorious for a lot of supernatural occurrences. They suggest splitting up to cover more ground—what will you say?

A. Yes! Sounds exciting.
B. Only agree when they suggest a buddy system—so no one ends up alone at least.
C. Disagree at first, but if they want to split up, then I guess we’re going different ways.
D. Hell no! I’m going home whatever happens. They can explore on their own.
E. Of course we’re splitting up! We need to collect a lot more evidence.

5. While on vacation, your friends unearth an old sealed box engraved with a language you can’t decipher. Yet, they want to open it. How will you deal with this?

A. Who says I’m not down for some exploration? We’re opening it.
B. Suggest that we ask a local about the box before attempting to open it.
C. Leave my friends to their devices. It’s up to them if they want some thrill.
D. Convince them to leave that damn box alone. I don’t want this expensive vacation ruined.
E. Research the foreign text and see what pulls up—that’s how we’ll determine if we can open it or not.

6. You and your family move into a new house—one that’s really old but quaint. However, the toddler in your family begins to talk about their “new friend” with some dark desires. What do you tell them?

A. That’s probably a kid being a kid, I’ll let them be.
B. Ask them to expound about their new friend.
C. I’ll ask the realtor about the house’s complete history.
D. We’ll leave the house before I ask them more questions about their “friend.”
E. Aren’t kids just playful like that? I’ll let them do their own thing while keeping an eye on them.

7. An unknown intruder enters your house. What’s your weapon of choice?

A. A baseball bat
B. A knife
C. Pepper spray
D. A gun
E. A machete (don’t ask how I have one)

All 7 questions completed!

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Will You Survive A Horror Movie?

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