How Well Do You Know Your Lorde Lyrics?


June 21, 2021
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We know you have Lorde on loop



It’s been a hot minute since Lorde has risen from four years of radio silence. But despite her absence, many of us continue to find solace in her music. She got us through growing pains, heartbreak and darker days. She’s also become a mainstay in our anti-Valentine’s Day playlists. But as she rose from the sadness of Melodrama, Lorde gave us a positive anthem with Solar Power. And on the only solar eclipse of the year to boot, too.


For sure her upcoming album is going to take the gals, the gays, the non-binary folks and even the guys by storm yet again. Maybe this time around, she’ll get her well-deserved Grammy for Album of the Year, too.


So, members of the Church of Prettier Jesus, we’ve got some catching up to do. Take this Lorde lyrics quiz to find out how well you know the words to your favorite anthems.



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How Well Do You Know Your Lorde Lyrics?

1. Love Club (The Love Club EP)


Ribs (Pure Heroine)

1. City’s beats
2. Midnight streets
3. Morning avenues
4. Late-night streets

Glory and Gore (Pure Heroine)

1. Waking up
2. Going home
3. Running away
4. Walking home

White Teeth Teens (Pure Heroine)

1. Hairpins
2. Berets
3. Hairnets
4. Beanies

Writer In The Dark (Melodrama)

1. Hours
2. Times
3. Seasons
4. Distance

Liability (Melodrama)

1. Warm
2. Perfect
3. Scorching
4. Long

The Louvre (Melodrama)

1. Sucker
2. Angel
3. Sad girl
4. Woman

Homemade Dynamite (Melodrama)

1. White lies
2. Secrets
3. Best lies
4. Worries

Magnets (Caracal by Disclosure)

1. Smart girls
2. Pretty boys
3. Pretty people
4. Pretty girls

Solar Power (Solar Power)

1. Distance; water
2. Water; sand
3. Sand; water
4. Beach; water

All 10 questions completed!

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