How Well Do You Know Your Taylor Swift Lyrics?


January 28, 2021
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Are you Taylor Alison Swift trash?



If it still isn’t apparent, I am absolute trash for Taylor Swift. As my personal pick for Woman of the Decade, her glittering discography was the backdrop of my adolescence. 


If you’ve spent half of your lifeand your formative years at thatcompletely *enchanted* by lyrics like “You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars, and why I’ve spent my whole life try to put [love] into words,” you become a devoted Swiftie. As the master of storytelling that she is, I’d like to think that somewhere, there is a lyric, or two, for every possible feeling that exists.  


If you, like me, are a Swiftie through and through, take this easy-peasy quiz and test your knowledge on her song lyrics. From her early days as the girl with teardrops on her guitar, to living out her wildest dreams, and now feeling happiness evermore.   


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How Well Do You Know Your Taylor Swift Lyrics?

Tim McGraw (Taylor Swift)

1. Sweater
2. Blue jeans
3. White shirt

Superstar (Fearless)

1. Jaded
2. Simple
3. Wide-eyed

Dear John (Speak Now)

1. Optimism
2. Trust
3. Faith

Treacherous (Red)

1. Illusion
2. Friction
3. Devotion

Clean (1989)

1. Red
2. Little black
3. Wine-stained

Call It What You Want (Reputation)

1. Best friend
2. Brother
3. Partner

Cruel Summer (Lover)

1. I’m over you
2. I love you
3. I’m yours

The Last Great American Dynasty (Folklore)

1. Holy House
2. Heaven House
3. Holiday House

Champagne Problems (Evermore)

1. Wife
2. Bride
3. Spouse

White Horse (Fearless)

1. Young
2. Innocent
3. Naive

All 10 questions completed!

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How Well Do You Know Your Taylor Swift Lyrics?

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