Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Corporate?

Quiz: How Well Do You Speak Corporate?


November 14, 2018
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Because it’s an entirely different language



If you’ve ever been in the corporate setting, you know there’s an entirely different language being spoken there. It’s not just technical terminology and definitions; it’s a jumble of words that mean something completely different inside a company building than when they’re uttered outside of it.


Anyone that’s worked outside of this world knows the difference. Those that have always been in corporate don’t know how meetings go without this type of jargon being jumbled in. This contrast is funny and honestly something that’s fun to make fun of, but we have to understand that this is just the way things go. And more importantly, we need to learn it to survive corporate life.


So. How well do you speak corporate? Would you survive a meeting with the CEO, CFO, COO and CMO of a big corporation?


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Art Alexandra Lara


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