Quiz: Which Female K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?

Quiz: Which Female K-Pop Idol is Your Fashion Soulmate?


March 8, 2019
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Here, we’ll help you find your K-pop idol fashion soulmate!



Last year, Wonder asked the K-Pop fans and fashion savants which male K-Pop idol they dressed like. Back when we were crafting that quiz, we faced a dilemma trying to narrow down the selection of well-dressed males to include in our results. After all, South Korea has so many fashionable male celebrities. It’s a miracle we were able to keep it down to five!


On the opposite side of the spectrum, the females are no different. Each with their own distinct approach to fashion, female K-Pop idols serve up some major style inspo (trust us, we’ve got so many outfits saved in our Instagram bookmarks). Here, we ask: which K-Pop gal is your style soulmate? Tell us your preferences via a few quick questions below, and we’ll point you in the right direction.


Quiz: Which Female K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?

Pick a jacket.

Acne Studios Motorcycle Leather Jacket 1
ACNE STUDIOS Motorcycle Leather Jacket
7 For All Mankind Denim Jacket 1
7 FOR ALL MANKIND Denim Jacket
Iliane Checked Blazer Isabel Marant 1
ISABEL MARANT, ÉTOILE Iliane Checked Blazer
Gucci Striped Wool Blazer 1
GUCCI Striped Wool Jacket
Love Short Shearling Jacket Common Leisure 1
COMMON LEISURE Love Short Shearling Jacket

You’re given a million bucks to shop with. What would you spend it on in the name of fashion?

1. An expansive collection of fur jackets and feather boas
2. A vintage Chanel jacket
3. I’d buy all the quirky designer that catch my eye
4. I’d invest in the best of basics: the best slacks, the most gorgeous crisp shirts!
5. I’d expand my already impressive collection of sneakers

Pick a pair of shoes you gravitate towards.

REIKE NEN White 60s Curved Leather Slingback Pumps 1
REIKE NEN White 60s Curved Leather Slingback Pumps
Ace sneaker with bees and stars 1
GUCCI New Ace Embroidered Leather Mule Sneakers
MONCLER Baktha Knit Sneakers 1
MONCLER Baktha Knit Sneakers
FENDI Freedom Slingback Scuba Pumps 1
FENDI Freedom Slingback Scuba Pumps
STELLA MCCARTNETY Transparent PVC Ankle Boots 1
STELLA MCCARTNEY Transparent PVC Ankle Boots

You’re told to dress up for a formal event. What do you imagine wearing?

1. A gorgeous dress with lots of leg
2. A suit jacket, for sure––but maybe paired with tailored knee-length shorts
3. I’d play it fun and flirty with slip dress with a sparkly-sheer overlay
4. I imagine wearing mini dress with big, bold shoulders and a pair of big earrings to match!
5. I prefer the classics, so a flattering gown and pearls should do the trick!

If you could only wear one designer or brand for the rest of your life, it would have to be…

Chanel 1
Nike 1
Victoria Beckham 1
Victoria Beckham
Balenciaga 1
Fendi 1

What’s your favorite way to spice up an outfit?

1. A cap. Nice and easy!
2. A little bit of bling, whether it’s a bejeweled beret or a pair of earrings!
3. With a bright pop of color, of course!
4. With oversized outerwear
5. A structured handbag is a nice finishing touch to any outfit!

In terms of styling, which of these K-Pop hits was your fave?

Dream Your Dream by Cosmic Girls 1
Dream Your Dream by Cosmic Girls
Yes or Yes by TWICE 1
Yes or Yes by TWICE
View by SHINee 1
View by SHINee
Forever Yours by Key 1
Forever Yours by KEY
realbadboy 1
Really Bad Boy by Red Velvet

All 7 questions completed!

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Quiz: Which Female K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?

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