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Quiz: Which Male K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?

Quiz: Which Male K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?

Tell us what you like and we’ll tell you who you dress like



As far as first impressions go, the gentlemen of the K-Pop world definitely leave a lasting footprint. One look at the production value of their music videos and live performances, and it’s clear to see that visual appeal is an all-around requirement in their industry. The sky-high standards definitely pay off, though: these guys are well-dressed, a delight to the eye with their gorgeous skin and expertly styled hair and coordinated outfits.


Although, we do need a bit of a reality check: with a talented stylist and enough presence, anyone can look great. Anyone can be invited to fashion week. Anyone can be sent clothes and simply wear them—but having the taste level and ability to cull outfits and actually pull them off? That’s a different thing entirely. Granted, the layers peel back naturally with enough time in the limelight, letting those with a tight grip on their sense of style shine through.


Up ahead, we focus our lens on some of the most fashionable gents of the K-Pop industry. Who should you turn to for inspiration? Whose instagram posts should you be keeping tabs on? And, just ‘cause it doesn’t hurt to dream a little, whose outfits would be the perfect accompaniment to yours?


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—————————————————— Quiz questions ————————————————

Pick a Gucci sweater.

Think fast; your closet’s on fire! What’s the first thing you save?

Let’s get crafty. How would you D.I.Y. an article of clothing?

Pick a pair of shoes you gravitate towards.

Which hat strikes your fancy?

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, it would have to be…

Let’s take an OOTD. What’s your go-to pose?

Lastly, choose a location for your outfit photo.

Quiz: Which Male K-Pop Idol is Your Style Soulmate?
The8 of Seventeen!

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when The8 went from being Seventeen’s resident “cool cutie” to the style chameleon he is today. His daily looks, which he documents on Instagram with the hashtag #8fashion, can easily go from graphic tees and joggers to sharp suits (with a Chanel brooch to top it off, always). He likes getting crafty, too—case in point: his personalized Vans and the khaki boiler suit he asked his members to doodle on.
Key of SHINee!

A simple Google search will tell you, Key of SHINee is a style icon through and through. The reputation is well-deserved, too: this guy doesn’t just dress well—he has been contributing to the creative direction of SHINee’s concerts and comebacks for years (naturally, he also took charge when he debuted as soloist in 2018.) While his sartorial choices were far more… ostentatious a few years back, his style has evolved into something more refined, yet just as show-stopping, thanks to an eclectic mix of pieces from local Korean designers, luxury fashion houses and the occasional touch of athletic wear.
V of BTS!

You must have a soft spot for berets, printed clothing, or Gucci, because your answers tell us your style soulmate is BTS’ V. Quite a handful of the BTS boys are blessed with a keen sartorial eye, but V’s sense of style is arguably the most refreshing of the bunch. It’s not every day you see someone who can pull of florals, platform sandals, and every kind of hat known to man. Never afraid to challenge an unconventional print or accessorize, it’s plain to see that he has fun with fashion—that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
Sehun of Exo!

While Exo’s styling dips into adventurous waters to say the least, Sehun is a sartorial classicist at heart. His Instagram posts and fan-taken photos are a telltale sign that he gravitates toward minimalism, often choosing plain shirts and sweaters over printed ones, simple cuffed-hem jeans over distressed pairs. Playing into his understated taste, Sehun also prefers silhouettes that flatter his broad shoulders and long legs, instead of opting for trendier, slouchy fits. This is #boyfriendfashion at its finest, folks!
Seunghoon of Winner!

If you enjoy reading through lists of fashionable idols, you’ll definitely be familiar with Seunghoon’s face and playful sense of style. He was a regular on last year’s lists, setting off ripples in the media with his “boyfriend fashion” and layering mastery. While his closet is built on universal staples like denim jackets, hoodies, and Converse sneakers, he often ties his looks together with a wild card element: a bright turtleneck, a touch of pastel, or a colored mop of hair to match.

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