QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your OPM Classics?


January 25, 2019
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The world of OPM classics is not an easy one to traverse



If you live in the Philippines, are a citizen of the Philippines or even just once walked down one of its still-alive streets at 11 in the evening, you know we bring it during karaoke sessions. We love to belt out to Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Ariana Grande—but nothing’s quite as satisfying as jamming out to some OPM classics.


And even if you aren’t an avid karaoke goer, we know you’ve got some local hits stashed on your Spotify list. The question is: How well do you actually know them?


Let’s find out!


How Well Do You Know Your OPM Classics?

Foolish Heart by Nina

1. That grows
2. That’s strong
3. That’s mine
4. That holds

Bongga Ka ‘Day by Hotdog

1. Wella; Prada
2. Reyes; Guess
3. Jesi; Pucci
4. Budji; Gucci

Stupid Love by Salbakutah

1. The morning dew
2. Some mountain pine
3. The morning air
4. The morning sun

Kahit Kailan by South Border

1. Bulong
2. Sinasabi
3. Hangad
4. Gusto

Cebuana by Karencitta

1. A summertime lover
2. Some fun in the sun
3. What you see with your eyes
4. A temporary fix

Dadalhin by Regine Velasquez

1. Buhay nating ito
2. Kapaligiran
3. Munting nagwawala
4. Ating dalawa

Kathang Isip by Ben&Ben

1. Susuko na
2. ‘Di na maniniwala
3. Lalayo na
4. Gigising na

Wag Na Wag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal

1. Magugustuhan
2. Karapat-dapat
3. Mamahalin
4. Dadamdamin

Christmas In Our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan

1. Holiday spirit
2. Spirit of Christmas
3. Love of Jesus
4. Values of Jesus

Pumapatak Ang Ulan by APO Hiking Society

1. Makalabas
2. Makapagsine
3. Makipagusap
4. Makalakwatsa

Pare Ko by Eraserheads

1. A. Naiinis
2. B. Naiinip
3. C. Napapagod
4. D. Nabuburat

Basang Basa Sa Ulan by Aegis

1. Masisilungan; malalapitan
2. Mapupuntahan; malalapitan
3. Masisilungan; masusuyuan
4. Mapuntahan; masusuyuan

Di Ko Kayang Tanggapin by April Boy Regino

1. Hapdi; kirot
2. Sakit; kirot
3. Hapdi; Bali
4. Sakit; Bali

Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang by Freestyle featuring Pops Fernandez

1. May mahal na
2. Sarado na
3. Meron nang laman
4. Meron nang iba

Midnight Sky by UNIQUE

1. Love and see
2. Hold and see
3. Touch and see
4. Kiss and see

Noypi by Bamboo

1. Ang kinatatakutan ko
2. Hinahanap kong gulo
3. 'Tong labang hanap ko
4. Ang tigas ng ulo

Jeepney by Sponge Cola

1. Nagsama-sama tayo’ng dal’wa
2. Nakahiga sa ilalim ng kalawakan
3. Naghahawakan tayo at magkahimbing
4. Puno ng halik at tawanan

Forevermore by Side A

1. I would be here with you
2. You be here with me
3. You would be right for me
4. I would be right for you

The Yes Yes Show by Parokya Ni Edgar

1. Quino; Benedict Aquino
2. Quino; Carlo Aquino
3. Lino; Benedict Aquino
4. Lino; Carlo Aquino

Di Bale Nalang by Gary Valenciano

1. Napapansin
2. Nakikita
3. Akalain
4. Naramdaman

All 20 questions completed!

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How Well Do You Know Your OPM Classics?

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