Quiz: Could You Be Suffering from Burnout

Quiz: Could You Be Suffering from Burnout?


June 10, 2019
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Yes, it’s a legit cause of concern



We live in a generation of hustlers. It’s hard to say when it happened exactly––when the 9 to 5 began stretching to round-the-clock pursuits and the pressure to turn passion into project began looming over the young adult’s shoulder. Let’s get real: painting a picture of the millennial in the year 2019 would involve a smartphone in hand, a laptop tucked under the arm, and a constant drive to work, produce, create. It’s admirable, how our generation has whooped its own ass into this always-on state of mind.


But that isn’t to say that that persistent fire can’t be extinguished.


It was only fairly recently that the World Health Organization recognized burnout as a legitimate medical syndrome. It was about time, really. Every so often, we pick up on stories about people in their early twenties dying out of sheer fatigue and exhaustion. It’s terrifying, to say the least. In the thick of a growing workload and the longing to do well, to please, to move up the ladder, it’s fairly easy to forget that the body has its limits. Limits that not even steely resilience and ambition can match up to.


All of us could fall victim to burnout, especially in an era this fast-paced. Pushing the boundaries of stress, burnout’s symptoms don’t stop at worrying over work. Akin to a light fizzing out, burnout sucks the life and drive out of you. Again, terrifying. There’s an overwhelming sense of dread, a damning lack of motivation, a cynical state of mind––and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ahead, we’ve put together a quick nine-question quiz to help you figure out where you lie in the spectrum: just fine, stressed out, or burned out.


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Quiz: Could You Be Suffering From Burnout?

Which Spongebob meme feels the most like you?

When you wake up in the morning, you feel…

1. A. Exhausted.
2. B. Excited for another day!
3. C. So. sleepy.

How often do you have time for family, friends or yourself?

1. A. We see each other all the time.
2. B. From time to time, but not nearly as often as I’d like.
3. C. Hardly ever.

When you think of the obligations you need to fulfill––whether personal or professional––how do you feel?


Describe your energy level on average.

1. A. Pretty high! I can usually make it through the day just fine.
2. B. As long as I have my coffee, I’ll be okay!
3. C. Not very high. More often than not, I find myself feeling sluggish tbh!

Would you say your thoughts are more positive or negative?

1. A. I find it hard to maintain a positive mindset.
2. B. I'm pretty optimistic on most days!
3. C. I fluctuate between the two. Some days I'm more of an optimist, but it's definitely tough sometimes.

If you were given the chance to drop everything tomorrow––your work, your social circles, your current city––and start completely fresh, would you?

1. A. In a heartbeat.
2. B. I'd like to, but I've got so many responsibilities to take care of that I just can't.
3. C. Sounds good, but I think I'm satisfied with what I have now.

Which color best represents your mood right now?


All 8 questions completed!

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Quiz: Could You Be Suffering From Burnout?

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