What Kind Of Tech Dad Is Your Dad?

What Kind Of Tech Dad Is Your Dad?

Where does Dad lie on the spectrum of Fatherly Tech Junkies?



While we do love to poke wholesome fun at Dads who need help figuring out the latest gadgets, we also acknowledge that there’s a whole demographic of Fathers who are the biggest tech junkies. They know what specs to look for in a device and which gadget to invest in to fit their lifestyle. Sometimes, they’re the ones attuned to the latest tech news that they’re the ones who give us advice about our purchases.


Find out what kind of Tech Dad™ your dad is by taking the quiz below.


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What Kind Of Tech Dad Is Your Dad?

What kind of appliances did you grow up with?

1. There were sound systems, a Walkman and maybe even a turntable.
2. An old gaming console that I wasn’t allowed to touch unsupervised.
3. A VHS player or VCD player with loads of tapes and CDs arranged in a pretty rack.
4. The regular home entertainment set but all it played was PBA, UAAP and NBA Games.
5. A battery-operated transistor radio with a cassette tape component.

What’s a typical bonding session with Dad like?

1. Jamming to his favorite tunes at home or on the road--as long as he’s got control over the radio.
2. Playing any kind of game together. It can be a video game, board game or card game, as long as there’s a bit of family competition.
3. Binge-watching sessions of his movie or TV show of choice, complete with debriefing sessions over food.
4. Pulling through a no-fail workout session where he’s usually better at than me. This guy’s probably Iron Man.
5. Working on our hobbies together in silence, sometimes even giving advice on how to improve our pieces.

When is Dad mostly in his element?

1. When he’s at a party, but only if he’s allowed to take over the speakers or karaoke mic.
2. When he’s busy playing games on his phone or looking up his next investment: a gaming console.
3. When he gets passionate while dissecting his favorite shows and movies.
4. When he’s in the zone at his sport or watching a sport; it’s golf, basketball, football--you name it!
5. When he’s busy working on his new creative project.

Which of these Dad items does he rock the most?

1. He’s pretty stylish, but he has this one standing-collar jacket he loves *too* much.
2. He always has a crossbody bag so deep it can rival Mary Poppins’ purse.
3. His phone with a piece of metal to mount his phone in the car, ASAP.
4. His shoes are either trainers or boat shoes, no in-between.
5. It’s just him and his variety of slides, slippers and sandals against the world.

What does dad like to drink at the end of a workday?

1. Whiskey on the rocks, tbh.
2. Some good ol’ beer stored below zero.
3. Gin with some juice, but he can make do without the chaser or mixing anything.
4. It’s brandy or nothing.
5. Red wine and it should only be Cabernet Sauvignon.

Which of these traits best describes dad?

1. He’s a great listener.
2. He’s the master problem solver.
3. He’s the best at giving all types of advice.
4. He’s very, very hardworking.
5. He might not say much but he’s the most understanding.

Which fictional father is your Dad like the most?

1. Harry “Headbanger” Bright, Mamma Mia (2008) and Mamma Mia Here We Go Again! (2018)
2. Scott Lang or Ant-Man, Ant-Man (2015)
3. Dill Penderghast, Easy A (2010)
4. Coach Jack Bolton, High School Musical Trilogy (2006-2008)
5. Terry Jeffords, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)

What’s dad’s most prized gadget?

1. His portable Bluetooth speaker.
2. His smartphone has all the mobile games you can think of, from Scrabble to PUBG.
3. His flat screen SmartTV; paid subscriptions included.
4. His fitness smartwatch needs to be upgraded.
5. His favorite camera that he babies a lot more than us.

All 8 questions completed!

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Now that you know what category of Tech Dad your Father is, use this to improve your bonding sessions or maybe even as a guide for your next gift. But don’t forget, Pops will enjoy anything you put your thought and love into either way!



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