What’s Your Love Language?

What’s Your Love Language?

We’re talking about the language of ~love~



We all love a one-size-fits all catalogue, but putting on an oversized/rightly sized hoodie isn’t the same as finding (and keeping) love. Over the years, scientists have found that everyone is likely to speak one or more of five love languages: giving gifts, spending quality time, speaking words of affirmation, providing physical touch or acting out of service.


The importance of understanding these love languages hinge on understanding our ourselves and our loved ones. Too many misunderstandings and doubt arise from thinking and questioning how we feel about the other. But what needs to be drilled in is that not everyone shows love the same way—not us, our parents, our significant others or our friends.


So stop the doubt and the questions, and just figure out what to look for and what stands out. Or better yet, take the quiz below (and spread it around) so you’re sure. Do you show your affection through gift giving or writing love letters? Do you show admiration through carving out time in your day to listen and embrace the one you love? Or do you prefer to show your commitment through cooking dinner, making sure their car is running smoothly and that the dishes are clean?


Simply put: What's your love language?


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Now that you know, time to spread love the way that you know how—just keep in mind that the love you’re looking for might not ~always~ be given to you in the same way. We all speak love a little differently, so what you're looking for might not be what you're given. So keep your eyes open and be open to receiving love in different ways, too.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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