What’s Your Love Language?

What’s Your Love Language?

We’re talking about the language of ~love~



We all love a one-size-fits all catalogue, but putting on an oversized/rightly sized hoodie isn’t the same as finding (and keeping) love. Over the years, scientists have found that everyone is likely to speak one or more of five love languages: giving gifts, spending quality time, speaking words of affirmation, providing physical touch or acting out of service.


The importance of understanding these love languages hinge on understanding our ourselves and our loved ones. Too many misunderstandings and doubt arise from thinking and questioning how we feel about the other. But what needs to be drilled in is that not everyone shows love the same way—not us, our parents, our significant others or our friends.


So stop the doubt and the questions, and just figure out what to look for and what stands out. Or better yet, take the quiz below (and spread it around) so you’re sure. Do you show your affection through gift giving or writing love letters? Do you show admiration through carving out time in your day to listen and embrace the one you love? Or do you prefer to show your commitment through cooking dinner, making sure their car is running smoothly and that the dishes are clean?


Simply put: What's your love language?


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What’s Your Love Language?

It’s a special day in your relationship! How do you celebrate it?

1. That thing that’s been on their cart forever? Yeah, you’re just waiting for the delivery
2. Taking a leave from work and making sure you’re with your loved one
3. Putting together a scrapbook of the times you’ve spent with one another
4. A movie, a road trip—anything that keeps you two in close proximity of each other
5. Making sure they have nothing to worry about that day (at least, in as much as you can help it)

You’re spending the evening inside (because quarantine, duh). What do you insist on?

1. That you pay for all the food and drinks
2. Notifications off!
3. That you have a meaningful conversation
4. Putting on a show for them (not necessarily the kinky kind!)
5. That they’re able to relax

What is most important to you?

1. Random gifts—anything small that reminds you of them
2. Spending time with your loved ones
3. Text messages
4. Getting to hold someone at the end of the day
5. Doing something practical with or for the person you love

You see your loved one sleeping soundly on Sunday morning. What do you do?

1. Go out and get them their favorite coffee
2. Stay with them in bed
3. Whisper that you love them
4. Reach out to be the big spoon
5. Get up and start cooking breakfast

If you were given a plant, what would you do with it first?

1. Water it
2. Research the best ways to take care of it
3. Talk to it
4. Find a nice spot in your home for it
5. Repot!

You get into an argument with your loved one. What do you do to fix it?

1. Buy them flowers or something small
2. Shut everything off, sit down with them and talk about the issue
3. Apologize right away and make sure they know no argument is bigger than your relationship
4. Try to hug it out
5. Ensure everything is in place so that your SO doesn’t have to split their focus

It’s your significant other’s birthday. What do you give them as a present?

1. That one thing they’ve been hesitating to buy for themselves
2. You taking a few days off to be with them whenever they need/want
3. A public toast to them at dinner
4. Some massage oil and the promise to use it on the night of their birthday
5. A home-cooked dinner from you

Which among these things would most annoy you?

1. Not receiving anything on the holidays
2. Not seeing your loved ones for a long period of time
3. Not being told you’re loved
4. Not being able to sit next to your significant other
5. Coming home to a messy apartment

You feel most loved when…

1. Someone buys you something you’ve been eying
2. Someone drops everything to be with you when you need them
3. Someone tells you why they love you
4. Your loved one reaches out across the seat to put their arm around you
5. You and your needs are taken care of

You are most comfortable…

1. Spending money on your loved ones
2. Closing the world off and being in the moment with your significant other
3. Verbally expressing your love
4. Reaching out to put a hand on someone’s shoulder
5. Doing the chores your significant other hates (the most)

All 10 questions completed!

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What’s Your Love Language?

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Now that you know, time to spread love the way that you know how—just keep in mind that the love you’re looking for might not ~always~ be given to you in the same way. We all speak love a little differently, so what you're looking for might not be what you're given. So keep your eyes open and be open to receiving love in different ways, too.



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