Which Cutthroat Bitch in Film Is Your Spirit Animal?

Which Cutthroat Bitch in Film Is Your Spirit Animal?


March 19, 2019
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To all the movie bitches we actually, seriously, loved before



It’s hard out here for a bitch. And in film, it gets harder to root for characters who take up this kind of torch. The reasons for this being they tend to be unforgiving, hardcore, damn near heartless and easy to paint as evil. But further investigation (and by that, we mean watching the movies over and over again to peel back layers) reveals there’s always more to the cutthroat bitch than meets the eye.


We’ll be the first to admit, too, that we on more than one occasion have cheered on these headstrong, take-no-shit and take-charge women: observe a similar mindset here or spot a shared characteristic there (except, perhaps, it’s only amplified times five by said character in movie). Either way, one thing’s for sure: we all have our inner bad-ass, cutthroat, savage bitch. Now, which cutthroat bitch in film mirrors yours?


For your consideration, we present to you four standout contenders from four cult classic films. Take the quiz to find out which one your spirit animal is.


Quiz: Which Cutthroat Bitch is Your Spirit Animal

Pick the trait that other people say they admire about you:

1. You have impeccable taste
2. You’re protective of your posse
3. You make an amazing leader
4. You’re a go-getter

Your perpetual mood:

You’re about to throw a fit. Pick a song to calm your inner bitch down:

“Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” by Sly & the Family Stone
“Young At Heart” by Bing Crosby
“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra
“Seven Days In Sunny June” by Jamiroquai

You find humor in being called…

1. Snobbish
2. A Snow Queen
3. Manipulative
4. Ruthless

If you had a placard on your forehead designed to warn people, it would most likely say:

How does dissent usually show on your face?

1. A long-drawn-out stare-down
2. That same ol’ resting bitch face
3. Your furrowed brows that always seem to give you away
4. A semi-condescending smirk you don’t even realize you put on half the time

Pick whichever is most important to you:

One of your major pet peeves:

1. Working with someone who does their job half-assed
2. Witnessing someone lose their sh-t in public
3. Misogynists who run their mouths
4. Dealing with a humorless person who sucks the fun out of everything

Pick a job you’re certain you had in your past life:

Not a lot of people know this about you, but…

1. You ache for some semblance of family
2. You’re afraid of being betrayed by those closest to you
3. Status actually does matter to you
4. You’re secretly on edge about one day becoming irrelevant

Pick an item to complete your look with:

Red blazer (via Express)
Sunglasses (via Linda Farrow)
A classic leather handbag (via Prada)
A barrette to spice up an updo (via Vogue)

If push comes to shove, you’d be capable of…

1. Burning somebody’s reputation to the ground
2. Throwing someone you care about under the bus
3. Framing somebody for a crime
4. Cold-blooded murder

All 12 questions completed!

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Quiz: Which Cutthroat Bitch is Your Spirit Animal

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