QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?

QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?

Who’s your kindred spirit from the Upper East Side?



It’s been a good few weeks since we’ve learned the ins and outs of the lives of the Upper East Side’s elite, thanks to the premiere of the Gossip Girl reboot. And while their current drama can’t match the happenings of pre-cancel culture Chuck and Blair, there are still some shocking surprises left and are ready to unfold. For the handful of followers still invested with what goes on in their inner circle, Gossip Girl lets us in on a secret: there’s a ton of in-fighting, conniving and sneaking behind each other’s back. They’d do everything to bring back the status quo and keep the nosey ones off their backs, as usual.


The kids (and teachers) of Constance and St. Jude are definitely far from picture-perfect. But admit it, we still want to know who we’re most like from their group anyway. Want to know who your kindred spirit is from the Manhattan elite? Take the quiz below.


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Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?

Your friends would describe you as...

1. Idealistic
2. Soft
3. Creative
4. Self-Aware
5. Carefree
6. Rational
7. Lowkey
8. Loyal
9. Cutthroat

What annoys you the most?

1. People choosing the easy way out.
2. People foiling my plans.
3. Disrespectful people.
4. Fake people.
5. People who don't let me do what I want.
6. People losing their sh*t in public.
7. People who use others for personal gain.
8. People who overshare when I didn’t ask.
9. People who are breaking the inner circle.

Choose a quote from one of the Gossip Girl Reboot characters.

1. "We are a Greek tragedy waiting to happen." - Zoya Lott
2. "No maybes, maybes suck. I need a 'Yes' for a change." - Julien Calloway
3. "I'm only saying, we're their last hope." - Kate Keller
4. "I think that you deserve someone who sees you, sees all of you." - Obie Bergmann
5. "And a reminder, it's fashion week, so accoutre accordingly." - Max Wolfe
6. "Don't do it for your brand. Do it for yourself." - Audrey Hope
7. "I don't like to stick out." - Aki Menzies
8. "Do I look like I want another story? You're a client, not a colleague." - Luna La
9. "Should we throw our lattes at her? Turmeric stains forever." - Monet De Haan

Who's your favorite OG Gossip Girl character?

QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Jenny Humphrey
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Serena Van Der Woodsen
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Dan Humphrey
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Eric Van Der Woodsen
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Chuck Bass
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Blair Waldorf
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Nate Archibald
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Dorota Kishlovsky
QUIZ: Which Gossip Girl Reboot Character Are You?
Georgina Sparks

How do you describe your customized uniform at Constance?

1. Kind of kitschy, with a lot of pieces from small businesses.
2. It's trendy, you'll never see me wear the same thing.
3. Very dressy. I make sure I'm dressed to impress my teachers!
4. Nothing, I don't do that.
5. Laid-back. I don't tie my ties properly.
6. Preppy and cute.
7. Street style, complete with the oversized everything.
8. Glamorous. Yes, even at school.
9. Sleek and clean.

Pick a song from the show's soundtrack.

1. Saturdays by Twin Shadow ft. HAIM
2. IPHONE by Rico Nasty
3. I Can't Stay the Same by Vanessa Carlton
4. Freak by Doja Cat
5. Steam by Exmiranda
7. Hardline by Julien Baker
8. ROYL by Chloe x Halle
9. Rascal by Tinashe

You have a night out at Dumbo Hall. What drink are you sipping on?

1. Anything sweet and fruity
2. A martini
3. A glass of red wine
4. A bottle of beer
5. Excuse me? Shots!
6. A glass of Rosé
7. A Whiskey Sour
8. A Mojito
9. A White Russian

Gossip Girl posted something involving you, but it's absolutely false. What do you do?

1. Ask help from influential people to tell them to get off my back.
2. Post a cryptic photo and caption that sets the record straight.
3. Panic and ask for help from my friends.
4. ...And so? I'm not on social media at all.
5. I've had her blocked since day one, so I don't really care.
6. Comment on the post and say that it's entirely false.
7. Ignore it until it goes away.
8. Get my friend's stans to cancel her.
9. Report her account and get it suspended. For good.

Lastly, choose a word.

1. Perspective
2. Influence
3. Ambition
4. Privilege
5. Freedom
6. Grace
7. Innocence
8. Style
9. Power

All 9 questions completed!

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Get pointers on how to survive a day in their shoes by learning from a cutthroat bitch. Find out who your counterpart is by taking this quiz


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