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Which Jonas Brother Are You?

Which Jonas Brother Are You?

In celebration of their reunion, we ask: Which Jonas Brother Are You?



As embarrassing as it may be to be admit now, there’s no point beating around the bush: The Jonas Brothers were a big part of our adolescence. Whether you taped their posters to your bedroom walls, simply sang to their music or swooned as they graced our screens in music videos and movies—they were there. They were part of our lives. And now, they’re back.


Our boys are married now; it’s not Nick/Joe/Kevin anymore. It’s Nick/Priyanka, Joe/Sophie and Kevin/Gabrielle. But despite their purity rings transforming into wedding rings, we love them just the same. Burnin’ Up, always.


But now that the boys have grown up (and we’ve matured ourselves), who are we most like? We aren’t teenagers in school uniforms anymore and they aren’t long-haired pretty boys, after all.


Let’s find out.


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What is your biggest pet peeve?

What role do you play in your group?

Which among these interest you the most?

Who is your celebrity crush?

What do you look for most in a partner?

Pick a top


Describe your Instagram

How do you imagine your wedding to be?

Who would you like to dress as most this Halloween?

What would you pick as your pseudonym?

Which Jonas Brother Are You?
You got: Joe Jonas!


Why hello, Mr. Sophie Turner!2019 has been big for Joe Jonas, who not only got back together with his siblings but also got married to Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Back when the Jonas Brothers were just starting off (and, let’s be honest, even when they were at the height of their popularity), Joe was arguably the front man of the band. His innate charisma and endearing nature never wavered as this also helped DNCE gain traction (but hey, good music is good music).Now that it’s been more than a decade since Joe serenaded us all with Gotta Find You from Camp Rock, what else can we expect from him?
You got: Kevin Jonas!

Oh, the only father in the band (for now).After the Jonas Brothers broke up, Kevin took a back seat when it came to music—though he was never really far from the public eye. After all, he and wife Danielle did star in a reality show that gave us all a look into their personal married life. In the time between the band’s breakup and reunion, Kevin’s also taken to helping startups, such as We Heart It. So while many can argue that Kevin’s the least outspoken of the three, he definitely has a lot to say. You just have to listen to it.We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely missed watching Kevin get lost in his head when he plays guitar. Fingers crossed for more moments like this!
You got: Nick Jonas!


Ah, Nick Jonas, the one who started and ended and started it all.By this time, the entire world knows that Nick was the one who first wanted to step away from the band life—but it was also him that got the brothers back together. He’s been spending a lot of time in the spotlight, especially after marrying Priyanka Chopra, and he seems quite settled and fulfilled with everything that he’s done. After all, in the musical time away from his brothers, he’s starred in Jumanji and released a successful solo album.Nick has said in interviews that there are some particular songs from the Jonas Brothers’ repertoire that he can’t wait to perform again. What are you itching to catch the most?

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