Quiz: What Sex Position Is Best For You?


November 28, 2018
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What is your best sex position is a few questions away…



As wonderful as sex can be, not all parts of it is enjoyable. Sometimes you just don’t hit it off with your partner the first few rounds in the bedroom, sometimes the emotions (whether romantic or sexual) just aren’t there. Other times, there isn’t enough time to really get into the heat of things and then there are moments where you just don’t effing feel it. But sometimes—sometimes—it really just depends on the position you guys are in.


It could be that there’s too much pain in one part of your body that you can’t focus on the pleasure. Or it could be that the height difference really just isn’t compatible with what you two are trying. There are so many factors to consider, really—hence this quiz.


[wp_quiz id=”16290″]


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Art Alexandra Lara

Result Images via SexPositions.Club

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