Which Umbrella Academy Sibling Are You?

Which Umbrella Academy Sibling Are You?

Alternatively: What Umbrella Academy superpower would you have?



When Umbrella Academy first premiered on Netflix, we didn’t really know what we were in for. And while seeing all the scenarios unfold were surprising, it was a pleasant one. Each newly introduced character added depth to the series and every episode had us wanting to learn more about them. But that’s the beauty with an ensemble cast: you get as much screen time of the all the notable characters. 


So this isn’t about those action scenes or musical score; it’s about the characters. In particular: Which Umbrella Academy sibling are you most like?


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Which Umbrella Academy Sibling Are You?

How are you feeling today?

1. Hopeful
2. Ignored
3. Bored
4. Angry
5. Confused
6. Stressed
7. Lonely

How do you spend your free time?

1. Skincare
2. Enjoying the quiet
3. Drinking
4. Practicing a skill or hobby
5. Listening to music
6. Solving riddles
7. Eating

What is the greatest irony of your life?

1. You have so much to offer but you dull yourself for everyone else’s benefit
2. You have a lot to say but you still often keep your mouth shut
3. You’re empathetic but everyone dismisses your feelings
4. You have people around you; just not the one you want
5. You grew up wanting to be like everyone else and have just started to see your own worth
6. You tend to be the smartest in the room but are often overlooked
7. You’re strong but not when it matters

You’re feeling lonely tonight. What do you do? PS. Let’s pretend we’re not in lockdown

1. Have a good cry
2. Nothing—this is the usual feeling
3. Drink on your own
4. Go out
5. Take a walk
6. Call someone to talk
7. Eat

What among these are you most likely to say to someone as a piece of advice?

1. When something seems too perfect, it's usually anything but.
2. Life isn't supposed to be easy.
3. Eternal peace is probably overrated.
4. Since when were you a quitter?
5. If you believe in yourself, just once, great things are gonna happen for you.
6. We didn't choose this life; we're just living it.
7. We have to risk everything to save everything.

Pick something—or someone—to fight for

1. Society
2. The truth
3. Your significant other
4. The thrill of the fight is enough
5. A future
6. Family
7. Your principles

What’s been the greatest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

1. Trusting people
2. Finding your voice
3. Choosing to work on long-term goals instead of instant gratification
4. Deciding what’s right and what’s wrong
5. Learning who are versus who people say you are
6. Finding somewhere to grow your roots
7. Being on your own

What’s your biggest pet peeve in group projects?

1. When the results are not fairly given
2. When none of your suggestions are considered
3. Everyone talking over everyone
4. When people don’t listen to you
5. When people start fighting
6. Non-cooperation
7. Not being the leader

Easy round: Pick a jersey number

1. 3
2. 6
3. 4
4. 2
5. 7
6. 5
7. 1

Easier round: What superpower would you choose to have?

1. Mind control
2. Shape shifting
3. Speaking to the deceased
4. Aim
5. Music manipulation
6. Time travel
7. Strength

All 10 questions completed!

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Which Umbrella Academy Sibling Are You?

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