Quiz: Which Workout Should You Commit To This Year?


January 9, 2020
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Here’s to becoming our best selves



I’m not exactly the healthiest person around. I hardly sleep, I drink too much coffee, I try to skip carbs—only so I can eat more chocolate and salty food. There’d never been a strong sense of order when it came to my physical health, but things took a turn last year, when I decided to make lifestyle changes and workout commitments that worked for me. 


That meant no more fast-tracking. No more starving my way to losing ten pounds or following cult exercise trends that everyone else loved but I detested. When I started prioritizing my likes and dislikes, my schedule, even my personality, that’s when I found a lifestyle (intermittent fasting) and workout (high intensity interval training) that changed me and my body for the better.


In the spirit of finding the perfect person-to-exercise match, Wonder is putting out this quiz into the world. Based on the kind of body you want to achieve, the way yourself and the amount of cash you’re willing to drop, which workout should you try out and commit to this year?


Well, only one way to find out!


Quiz: Which Workout Should You Commit To This Year?

Which of these celebrities is your #fitspo?

A. Jennifer Aniston
B. Jennifer Lopez
C. Jennie of BLACKPINK
D. Demi Lovato

When it comes to exercise, you prefer…

1. Working out with a small group, with an instructor closely watching.
2. Class exercises. It’s always a good time working out with a group!
3. Flying solo, or in a quiet, intimate environment. I like being free from distractions.
4. Workouts that are done in pairs. I enjoy having a partner to work with!

Choose one aspect of physical fitness you want to improve.

1. My form!
2. My overall strength
3. My flexibility
4. My stamina

How much are you willing to spend for a workout session?

1. Between P1,250 to P1,500 per session.
2. P1000 per class seems fair.
3. P500 per session is just right.
4. I’m not willing to pay beyond P400 per session!

Alright, now for a palate cleanser: which drink represents you best?

1. Gin & tonic
2. Craft beer
3. A glass of wine
4. Rum & coke

Which word describes you best?

1. Passionate
2. Adventurous
3. Ambitious
4. Resilient

All 6 questions completed!

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Quiz: Which Workout Should You Commit To This Year?

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Art Alexandra Lara

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