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Workplace Animal Types: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team's Working Styles

Workplace Animal Type: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team’s Working Styles

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You never know if your boss is thinking: “Which workplace animal type are you?”



Not all employees are created equal. Some will come in late but get the work done anyway; others will be on time and still need to render some overtime. There are people that are hired because they’re efficient on their own and there are those who shine best in making the team work together. But no matter what kind of cog you are in the machine, you’re (likely) playing a vital role in the production process—but it’s important to know what role you play.


The quiz you’re about to take is a popular one; companies all over the world use it to see what kind of work environment they’ve created. And perhaps more important, they need to know what areas they’re lacking in. Like we said earlier, everyone’s important.


So, let’s get started: Which of workplace animal type are you?


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Workplace Animal Types: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team's Working Styles

What’s your favorite topic of conversation?

1. Dreams and aspirations
2. What you want to achieve
3. Feelings and experiences
4. Facts and figures

How quickly do you talk?

1. Fast
2. Incredibly fast
3. Slow
4. Moderate

Describe the way you speak

1. Animated; you like to move when you talk
2. Straightforward; no beating around the bush
3. Casual but a little dream-like, you get lost in the story
4. Brief yet understandable

Pick an outfit you'd wear most often

What is your biggest motivation?

1. Recognition
2. Results, the end goal
3. Someone else’s approval
4. Having something to do, the task itself

What pushes you to work better?

1. Having fun
2. The pressure to be better
3. When your team works together
4. Getting the right information

Say you’re mad or frustrated or both. How do you handle it?

1. Honestly, you tend to get explosive when frustrated
2. A little impatiently, sometimes aggressively
3. By getting a little flustered and overwhelmed
4. You stay pretty cool and rational

How are you in the workplace?

1. You like to talk to those around you
2. You do several tasks at once
3. Easy-going and cooperative
4. Very thorough—you like the details

How does your desk usually look?

The day is halfway done. Where are you on your to-do list?

1. Between one to three tasks completed; you get easily distracted
2. 80 percent done!
3. Depends on the tasks; you take your time when necessary
4. 50 percent obviously, it’s half-way through the work day

All 10 questions completed!

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Workplace Animal Types: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team's Working Styles

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  • Lauren Roget-Gittens
    February 24, 2021

    Very interested and anxious for the results

  • Adonia Hakenson
    March 11, 2021

    What is my animal

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