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Workplace Animal Types: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team's Working Styles

Workplace Animal Type: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team’s Working Styles

You never know if your boss is thinking: “Which workplace animal type are you?”



Not all employees are created equal. Some will come in late but get the work done anyway; others will be on time and still need to render some overtime. There are people that are hired because they’re efficient on their own and there are those who shine best in making the team work together. But no matter what kind of cog you are in the machine, you’re (likely) playing a vital role in the production process—but it’s important to know what role you play.


The quiz you’re about to take is a popular one; companies all over the world use it to see what kind of work environment they’ve created. And perhaps more important, they need to know what areas they’re lacking in. Like we said earlier, everyone’s important.


So, let’s get started: Which of workplace animal type are you?


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What’s your favorite topic of conversation?

How quickly do you talk?

Describe the way you speak

Pick an outfit you'd wear most often


What is your biggest motivation?

What pushes you to work better?

Say you’re mad or frustrated or both. How do you handle it?

How are you in the workplace?

How does your desk usually look?


The day is halfway done. Where are you on your to-do list?

What do you hate the most?

Back in school, who were you in group assignments?

When you’re being rated for your work, which aspect do you want highlighted?

What does a promotion mean to you?

Workplace Animal Types: This is The Quiz That Execs Use to Know Their Team's Working Styles
You're a Peacock!


You like it when the people around you are having a good time because it means you're having a good time, too. Big events are your thing and you've heard it said more than once that you are the life of the party—and you love the attention! While people love all these about you, it's not false to call you a little bit disorganized. Try to focus on your tasks and complete them before you're chased for not finishing on time.
You're a Panther!


Hello, you natural-born leader. You love looking at the bigger picture, making decisions and staying focused. It's because of these things that you're probably on your way to becoming a manager (if you aren't one already). But while being disciplined, goal-oriented and hard-working are definitely things for you to be proud of, remember you still need the help of those around you. Keep your cool and work on your patience; don't forget to listen and speak with others instead of speaking at them.
You're a Dolphin!

You're everything that everyone wants, Dolphin. You're a natural giver, a great listener and a loyal person in general. You love being part of a team and doing your part to make sure that you all do well as a group. Your eyes aren't set on your own success; it's on everyone's. Let's just say that service is your specialty—and your downfall. We know you love being there for others, but don't forget to take care of yourself, too. Learn how to say no just because you know you can carve out some time for a task. If it will hurt you and cause you anxiety, turn it down.
You're an Owl!


Fact: owls are solitary animals. The owls of the world prefer tasks over people and will therefore often choose a screen over of a pair of eyes. They like working alone, are observant and prefer to be behind-the-scenes. Detail-oriented and kind of quiet, you aren't exactly the most emotional person out there (or, at least, not outwardly). While you get things done, don't forget that no man is an island and it wouldn't hurt to form a relationship or two with those around you. After all, you never know when you'll need a little help.

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