2019 Starter Pack: How You Can Have A Great Year

2019 Starter Pack: How You Can Have A Great Year

Because you need to start living your best life



There’s nothing that gives anyone—and we mean anyone—a rush quite like the end and the beginning of the year. The few days after Christmas and just before New Year elicit feelings of excitement and relief; excitement for what’s to come and relief for surviving the year that was. But that can quickly turn into sadness, fear or even anxiety once the holidays end and you’re back in the daily grind to endure another year of ups and downs.


But it doesn’t have to be—not when you have a New Year starter pack and, of course, the right state of mind. Let Wonder help you keep that same holiday energy and steer you onto an awesome 2019!



#1 Get Some Sun

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of sunshine to lift your spirits. It is, in fact, good for you, too. So go out and get some morning sun; it signals the body to produce vitamin D and helps with better absorption of calcium. Just always remember to put on sunscreen!


In case it pours and the rainy weather gets you a little sad, keep a bottle of a summer or citrus scent within reach. It’ll come in handy when you need an instant mood boost.


#2 Monday v. Friday

We, too, get blue AF on Mondays. But honestly, if you think about it long and hard, there’s no real difference between the work that you do on Monday or Friday, right? It’s really a state of mind. So why not make the start of the week great again, put on your best Friday smile—whether it's a Monday or a Sunday—and read on.


#3 Deep Breaths

In January, we notice gyms and workout studios fill up to maximum capacity. But the numbers soon dwindle come June. Could it be because summer’s over or you signed up for something unsustainable? Either way, we recommend you try signing up for fitness that encourages deep, steady breaths, like pilates or yoga, or simply choose a routine that matches your pace and lifestyle—not current trends.


#4 Enjoy Your Lunch

Repeat after us: Stop. Working. At. Lunch. Time. Sure there will be exceptions, but as much as possible, try to have a good lunch or if you’re on IF (intermittent fasting), do something nice for yourself, like step out for a stroll, get a short but sweet back massage, or do nothing at all. The important thing is to not burn yourself out.


#5 A Glass of Your Fav Drink

Another thing you can look forward to at the end of the day? A nice cold glass of your favorite drink, be it milk tea, wine, or what have you. Have it when you’ve had a good day, a bad day or for no reason at all.


#6 Keep Small Luxuries Nearby

Office desks and school lockers shouldn’t just safe-keep our work tools and necessities; it should also be home to the little luxuries—what I have in mine are Kind to Skin Simple Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes, Kind to Skin De-Stress Sheet Mask and a rose quartz jade roller—that keep you sane. Trust me, they’ll come in handy on extra stressful days.


#7 Say No

If there’s anything I learned from my former editor, it’s that doing the work of others doesn’t help anyone, especially when you yourself have plenty of work to do. Learn to say no; you won’t go to hell for it.


#8 If You’re A Little Introverted, Force Yourself To Go Out With People You Like At Least Once A Month

We know, you’re tired, you want to be alone and you’d rather watch holiday specials of Black Mirror or Nailed It on Netflix. But a few hours of human interaction outside of work and with people you care about is always good for the mind, body and spirit.


#9 Plan Your Vacations Ahead

The workplace and schools send out the list of holidays just before the new year comes. If you didn’t catch it, check the news websites; they have it ready way before the ber months roll in and 2019 has at least one holiday a month. Plan ahead—a trip out of town, outside the country or a staycation by yourself—and give yourself something to look forward to.


2019 Starter Pack: How You Can Have A Great Year

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#10 Try Something New

For Christmas, the Wonder team went bowling and it was a first for most. Sure we had more gutter balls than strikes, but we did have a lot of fun and learned that, well, you can’t suck forever. You just have to want to try, try, try; an activity, a new hair color or something you’ve never done before.


#11 Moderation is Key

Don’t resolve to doing, eating, working more or less. Moderation, after all, is the key to keeping your resolutions. Eat a balanced diet instead of subscribing to a diet you can’t sustain. Live a little, but don’t live fast and die young. Extrovert but don't exhaust yourself.



#12 to infinity is for you; add and build on to the list we’ve made or come up with one that’s completely your own. 

Ready to start living your best life yet?



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