From Lunch to Lunge to Lounge: A Dispatch from My Nike Yoga Outfit


March 4, 2021
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Pieces that move, stretch and flow with you, no matter the task 



I’ve gone through plenty of activewear phases throughout the lockdown. I started off with the Nike leggings I’ve owned for three years. The same weathered pair I once wore to spin classes (remember when those were a thing?) became my preferred home attire. I then started racking up a variety of sports bras before falling into Shopee’s athleisure black hole. What once began as a collection of three bras and two pairs of leggings has tumbled into a full-blown stack of the stuff to serve my life’s every purpose and my every whim.


Awake just in time for an exciting leftover lunch? Throw on some activewear. Going straight from a meeting into a tough workout? Sounds like a blouse-over-leggings situation should do the trick. Ignoring civilization all weekend long? You guessed it, activewear is still the uniform. I love getting dressed and miss it dearly, but after the year we’ve spent together, nothing is going to come between me and my comfy, curve-hugging clothing.


My comfiest find yet was the last nail in the coffin. Coming full circle, I’ve fallen back in love with Nike activewear. And believe me, if circumstances allowed, I’d refuse to wear anything except the new Nike Yoga collection.



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I’ve loved plenty of activewear in the past twelve months, but in terms of comfort, Nike Yoga takes the cake. I’m wearing the Indy Light Support Sports Bra and 7/8 Novelty Leggings from the collection as I write, and I want to live in this outfit for however long this quarantine continues. It’s smooth, stretchy and sleek. Most importantly, makes my body feel loved.


Featuring Nike Infinalon, the brand’s softest and most forgiving fabric yet, the collection’s pieces hug, hold and move along to the body’s every move. Infinalon was designed specifically for yoga but the sweat-wicking characteristics make the pieces a great match for medium impact workouts, too. These pieces perform, but there’s no pressure. The Nike Yoga collection prioritizes comfort, no matter the task. Wear the Nike Yoga collection for fitness or for fun, from lunch to lounge to lunge.


Select pieces from the collection—like the Medium-Support Sports Bra and Ribbed Cardigan and 7/8 Trousers from the women’s section and Short-Sleeve Top and Dri-FIT Shorts from the men’s section—are proudly produced from sustainable materials.


NIKE YOGA Ribbed Cardigan (P2,395) NIKE YOGA Indy Novelty Light Support Sports Bra (P2,495) NIKE YOGA LUXE Infinalon Jumpsuit (P2,795, on sale for P1,679)
NIKE YOGA Men’s Trousers (P3,795) NIKE YOGA Full-Zip Hoodie (P4,095, on sale for P3,069) NIKE YOGA 7/8 Tights (P2,595, on sale for P1,559)



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Discover the rest of the Nike Yoga collection (and shop the pieces online!) via Nike’s website. If you need ways to dress up your new leggings, don’t sweat it. Here’s an entire week’s worth of styling ideas.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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