Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line


May 28, 2021
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Early call but adidas FORMOTION is already my favorite 2021 activewear release

I wish new activewear fit could last forever. Not exactly realistic, I know; the inevitable fact is that all fabric stretch eventually gives in. But! It’s still a hope. In completely contradictory wishful thinking, a part of me also would appreciate activewear that adapted a little. During quarantine, my fluctuating fitness and motivation levels mirrored an equally fluctuating experience with workout clothes. So while I may wear the same set of sports bras and leggings, they could run tight, verging on restrictive, one day then feel loose, shifting and sliding places, maybe a week or two later.

I can’t be told, though, that the juxtaposing features of my dream activewear can’t be achieved––especially when adidas FORMOTION now exists.

Interest piqued by the concept of activewear-meets-shapewear, I spent a good part of the summer test-driving the line’s body-sculpting Studio Two-Tone Bra and Formotion Sculpt Two-Tone Tights. The quick verdict is: it was love at first workout…and second and third.

Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line

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The first time I slipped into the adidas FORMOTION set, the word “SHAPEWEAR” did come screaming at me. The sports bra and leggings fit like a glove that simultaneously held me in, held me up and molded themselves around the contours of my body with little resistance. 

Support a la shapewear aside, the true winning feature of FORMOTION, of course, is that it supports you as you move (adidas here with the wordplay, y’all). The main material is reinforced by pronounced ribbed knit in certain areas for an even more supported type of stretch. So it doesn’t ride up, slip down or bunch up in places. The fit at rest is the same exact fit in motion, which in my case was always a hit-or-miss, having previously bought into the appeal of buttery-smooth leggings that were too buttery and smooth for their own good.

That said, the waistband of the leggings is where things may get tricky. The FORMOTION tights feature a pretty wide waistband that begins at the hip and could rise well up to the ribcage. (In one of the photos above, see me wearing the sports bra over the waistband to fake a one-piece suit.) The good news: you don’t ever feel like you’re spilling out of your activewear. And I appreciate leggings that roll with my rolls instead of folding underneath them. Instead of bad news, let’s just call the excess fabric that sometimes gathers along the waistline a forgivable inconvenience. This occurred mostly with floorwork exercises. But with the spin classes I wore this set to? A virtual non-issue.

Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line

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Cut to two and a half months later, and I’m still raving about adidas FORMOTION. It’s enough for me, point-blank, that it’s managed to give that new-activewear fit and feel regardless of how many wears and washes this set has gone through, no matter if I gain or lose a couple of lbs. The second-skin, shapewear situation, however, is what puts it in a league of its own.

In my opinion, the Studio Bra, being a classic padded, wire-free sports bra, is a lot more straightforward so it doesn’t showcase the FORMOTION technology in the same standout way the leggings do. On that note, I’d say the star of this line has to be the Sculpt Tights for the simple fact that it combines compression and comfort beautifully, feels lightweight and gives a smooth finish. (For those particular about visible panty lines, it’s nothing seamless underwear can’t address.)

All in all, I can’t wait for adidas to roll out more items with FORMOTION’s unique, engineered knit––especially bottoms! But knowing how well my current adidas FORMOTION pieces have held up, I have no doubt I’ll be good for a while for workouts in and post-quarantine.

Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line

Cropped Training Tee in
“Hazy Beige,”
Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line

Sculpt Tights in “Black,” ?4,000
Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line

Sculpt Biker Short Tights, ?2,700
Absolutely Here for adidas’ Activewear-Meets-Shapewear Line

Sculpt Tights in “Screaming Pink,” ?4,000

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Shop adidas FORMOTION online or in stores nationwide. Click here to find an adidas store near you.

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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