From Doomscrolling to Green Action: adidas Moves For The Planet

From Doomscrolling to Green Action: adidas Moves For The Planet

Your fitness goals just met your sustainability goals



Scrolling through social media has become a ritual for all of us living in the 21st century. Like many of you, when I first wake up, I always reach for my phone—it’s my gateway to the world. It connects us, informs us and entertains us. But despite how much convenience technology has brought us, it has also caused our environment to suffer.



Lately, the routine of checking social feeds has become more painstaking as it’s now being accompanied with a sense of dread—you don’t know what to expect as you scroll through one post to another. One minute, you see your friend’s annual IG dump and then you’re suddenly looking at someone's post about global warming, interspersed with memes and celebrity red carpet photos. 


“Doomscrolling”, or the act of of endlessly scrolling through negative news and social media feeds, has become increasingly relevant in a world saturated with crises. While awareness about climate change is crucial, the constant stream of alarming news and dire predictions can be overwhelming.


As someone who lives with eco-anxiety, seeing influencers and activists I follow posts about zero-waste living, plant-based diets and carbon offsets triggers me. They share their perfectly curated, eco-friendly lifestyles with such ease, making me feel inadequate in my efforts. Even though I try to make sustainable choices—reducing plastic use, recycling, conserving water and electricity, supporting green businesses—it's just never enough.


Recently, I came across news about adidas’ Move For The Planet campaign. The initiative called on all aspiring, beginner and professional athletes at every level across the world to track their physical activity across a variety of sports to raise money for projects in areas impacted by heat waves, flooding and other extreme weather conditions. It was a refreshing change from the usual doom and gloom, showcasing a collective effort to make a tangible difference.


From Doomscrolling to Green Action: adidas Moves For The Planet


The local campaign kickoff garnered a remarkable number of sign-ups for one night, encouraging everyday athletes to start clocking in their minutes of movement. From May 10 to 22, 2024, people were collecting minutes to contribute to this global initiative.

Extreme weather conditions are increasingly impacting the places where people play and practice sports, from neighborhood pitches to global sports venues. Statistics reveal that by 2050, almost one-fourth of the English football league team's stadiums will be partially or completely flooded every year. Further research by the UN states that approximately half of former Winter Olympic host cities will likely be unable to host future games within the same timeframe.



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In 2023, over a million people took part in the first year of Move For The Planet, leading activities recording minutes of running, walking and cycling. This year, adidas expanded the initiative to increase last year’s 34 sports to 100, including volleyball, boxing and biking. For every 10 minutes of movement logged on the adidas Running App between May 10 to 22, 2024, adidas will donate EUR1, to a maximum of EUR1.5 million. These funds will be used to create real-world change, particularly through education on sustainability and the enhancement of facilities to make them more resilient against extreme weather conditions.


Ashley Czarnowski, Senior Director of Global Purpose Marketing at adidas, expresses excitement about building on the success of their first year. She highlighted the expanded impact of the program, including new projects and initiatives, and emphasized the deep connection people have with the places they play. This connection drives the collective effort to make sports facilities more resilient to extreme weather conditions and provide education on sustainability.


Common Goal and UN Climate Change – Sports for Climate Action also plays a significant role in this initiative. Common Goal aims to shift society towards a more sustainable and equitable future through sport, while the UN Climate Change is focusing on using sports to educate and engage communities on climate-related topics and sustainable practices.


Amid the relentless doomscrolling, it was inspiring to see collective actions making a difference. This initiative reminded me that while individual efforts might feel small, we can create significant impact together. By participating in campaigns that use our connectivity for good and by harnessing the power of community to drive positive change, I found a way to transform my eco-anxiety into meaningful action.


 It’s a reminder that our collective movements, both online and offline, can make a real difference. So, next time I reach for my phone, I'll be looking for more than just the latest news—I'll be seeking out ways to be part of the solution.


For more information on how to join in or for more on the initiative itself, please visit



Words Charles Boswell

Art Alexandra Lara


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