Can’t Sleep? This Might Be What You Need

Can’t Sleep? This Might Be What You Need

Meet your new bedside buddy, the anti-energy drink



If there’s anything I learned to value over the past few years, it’s quality time between me and my favorite inanimate object: My bed. With never-ending series to binge-watch and album releases to stay up for, I’d lived by the saying that sleep is for the weak for as long as I can remember, really. One thing’s for certain, though: Adulthood has changed me. Tucking in early does make a difference, and those extra five minutes in the morning? Literally feels like a dream. Most days, there is little in the world I’d like more than to go home, drown myself in my sheets and get some good ol’ shut-eye.


But sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy. Perhaps it’s the force of habit that keeps me awake, but there are those nights when my systems just won’t shut down no matter how tired I am physically and mentally.


Whether it’s out of habit, a sudden change in lifestyle or just thoughts that won’t let you hit your mind’s proverbial off button, the inability to fall asleep is a problem many of us have experienced first-hand. Thankfully, the limelight has pointed in the direction of a new solution. Meet the anti-energy drink.


Can’t Sleep? This Might Be What You Need

GOOD NIGHT DRINK Good Night Drink, P79


Less daunting than sleeping pills and completely free of alcohol, the anti-energy drink is an easy way to summon the zzz’s faster. Good Night Drink is one particular iteration that has caught our attention. The pros? It’s blended from herbal extracts and lemon balm, both of which are known to help induce sleep. When taken 30 to 45 minutes before bed, the drink washes away anxiety, restlessness and all barriers standing between you and a good night’s rest. Costing P79 online and P69 in convenience stores, it’s definitely easy on the pocket, too. Perhaps the only downside to Good Night Drink is the fact that it’s lightly carbonated, so those who prefer staying away from bubbly drinks are better off looking for another alternative.


Can’t Sleep? This Might Be What You Need

TEACONCEPT Sleep Tea, P900


If fizzy drinks aren’t your cup of tea, this (literally) might be. All-natural and locally made, Sleep Tea is an herbal drink that promises an express ticket to dream land. It contains chamomile, lavender, orange lily and passion flower, which are all known to have calming properties. If you can’t quite drift off no matter how many sheep you count, perhaps a cup of this stuff will make the process a little easier.


Some people turn to meditation, some reach for essential oils and others turn to ASMR or those lo-fi beats playlists. But for those who can’t quite get those methods to work, here’s hoping drinking up does the trick. Sweet dreams!


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