At-Home Yoga Workouts To Help You Flow Through The New Normal


April 21, 2020
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Take a deep breath and reconnect with your mind, body and spirit



As we bunker down for the foreseeable future, now is the time to reinvigorate your workout routine. We're talking about devoting at least an hour of your day to move with intention, and what better way to sweat the stress away than yoga? 


Hitting the gym or studio might not be possible any time soon, but that doesn't mean your progress has to suffer. Change up your current fitness regimen or improve on your at-home yoga practice with our list of local studios (and teachers) to flow with at the confines of your residence.



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Beyond Yoga

Head over to Beyond's Facebook page to participate in their free live yoga classes that you can stream daily; every 9AM, 2PM and 6PM. Moreover, yogis who prefer a more personalized practice can attend Beyond's online classes via Google Hangouts. They currently offer prenatal & postpartum and Vinyasa Basics classes with Teacher Trina Sotto.



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Bliss Yoga Manila

To support their students' practice and the livelihood of their staff and teachers, the studio now offers Bliss Yoga Online. Here, members can participate in live online classes via Zoom three times a day, every day. (Read their FAQs to learn more.) They have since removed longer sessions on their Online Classes playlist on YouTube. However, you can still access select videos such as Podcast: Equal Breathing with Teacher Francois and Podcast: 15-minute Practice with Teacher Roland



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Rebel Yoga Manila

Their YouTube channel Rebel Yoga TV features two playlists that you can peruse. Check out their Mini Sessions for 20 to 30-minute flows, such as this beginner-friendly Home Flow with Karen, or if you're keen on clearing your headspace, then Meditation for a Calm Mind with Rosan is for you. Meanwhile, their Extended Play's 60 to 70-minute sessions are great for individuals looking for a lengthier practice. Case in point: this relaxing Slow Yin session with Vince.



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Urban Ashram Yoga

Urban yogis can practice via the studio's YouTube channel for free! Their Yoga at Home 2020 playlist features 26 videos ranging from 5-minute handstand how-tos with Joan Hyman to one-hour open level Vinyasa. They also recently launched their Virtual Urban Ashram, wherein members can access live stream practices and yoga courses, including community events on mental health, mindfulness practices, nutrition and specialty wellness topics.



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YogaHive PH

The Hive Tribe has been buzzing about its digital classes on their YouTube channel. Novice yogis can start learning about the fundamentals and breathing techniques with YogaHive Online's Yoga for Beginners with Teacher Eileen Ramos. This easy Vinyasa flow is also safe for pregnant women (per the video's description, always remember that it is safest to practice when you reach the 2nd trimester). At the same time, advanced practitioners can try their Energizing Budokon Inspired Yoga Flow with Teacher Anna Manalastas; a practice described as a movement system that fuses yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion.



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YogaPlus PH

Exciting news for YogaPlus yogis! YogaPlus Virtual Studio opened for business on April 18, allowing members to interact with their community and enjoy unlimited access to live and interactive sessions with their roster of teachers!


P.S. You can also watch replays of their free recorded online classes on their Facebook page



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Evolve Yoga and Fitness

Itching to join an interactive class? Then you should check out Evolve's special drop-in classes! For only P200, you can join the select sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For reference, past classes include Candlelight Flow, which is a calming practice to end your day. 



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Unroll your at-home yoga mat, find your center and practice together, apart. Namaste.



Words Mich Sancianco

Art Alexandra Lara

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