Stay Protected All Rainy SZN With These Bayer Essentials

Stay Protected All Rainy SZN With These Bayer Essentials

Don’t let the season rain on your parade!



While other parts of the world experience four seasons, the Philippines only goes through two: rainy and dry. Despite the day starting out as sunny, we all keep a jacket or an umbrella nearby because we know it’ll pour the afternoon. Another thing about the rainy season is that it also spells flu season. Getting sick around this time is trickier than usual since we also have the constant threat of contracting COVID-19. We all know the stress a scare can bring us, right? That’s why it’s important to load up our immune systems, this time with the help of Bayer.


This July 10, Bayer takes the stage for Shopee’s Brand Spotlight. Get up to 50% off savings when you shop for these essentials on the platform.


Meet Redoxon, your all-in-one immunity booster


Redoxon remains the world’s pioneer immunity brand, maximizing its expertise in immune care gathered from over 80 years in the industry. The new Redoxon Triple Action contains vitamin C, vitamin D3 and Zinc to provide three times the support your body needs. #BeRedoxonReady and protect yourself and your entire family from viruses and other threats to your health. Pop the tablet into a glass of water, wait for it to dissolve and drink it as usual. Loading up on vitamins has never been easier!


Shop the new Redoxon Triple Action in tubes of 15 tablets for 30% off on Shopee.


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Managing eczema is as easy as A-B-C with Bayer


Aside from the viruses we can get during the rainy season, our skin is also vulnerable to other conditions. For example, eczema doesn’t fare well in extreme weather conditions at all. And in the case of the rainy season, the constant shift from hot and humid to cool and moist can trigger recurring flare-ups. But managing eczema doesn’t need a tedious regimen; all you need are three easy products.


Apply Elica, a mid-potent topical steroid, on the red patch of skin when you feel the undeniable need to scratch. The steroid acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, bringing instant relief. Elica is available in cream, ointment or lotion variants.


Next, avoid triggering another flare-up in the same area by restoring your skin barrier. The Bepanthen Itch Relief Cream will restore the patch of broken skin while relieving itchiness and redness. This steroid-free cream is safe to use more than once a day.


Lastly, consistent moisturizing will help the skin heal from an eczema flare-up. Use the Bepanthen SensiDaily Moisturizer to consistently care for your skin, making it flare-up-free for up to three months of daily use. In addition, the moisturizer comes with prebiotics that help maintain lasting hydration to your skin.


Get the exclusive Eczema Relief Pack from Bayer’s official Shopee store and enjoy up to 50% off in savings!



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Who knew adding to cart could reel in so many savings? As always, Shopee lives up to be a one-stop shop for all budget-friendly essentials.



Art Alexandra Lara

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