An Important Message From She Talks Asia And Céleteque: You Can Do It All

An Important Message From She Talks Asia And Céleteque: You Can Do It All

Lessons on changing mindsets, waking up and sleeping early, and the tools you need to do it all

There was a time when mothers were limited to staying home to take care of their children while career-driven women were predicted to stay single, forever. Beautiful women were also largely underestimated and assumed to be, well, “no more than a pretty face.”

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But times have changed and the stereotypes that have once plagued society are ~slowly~ on the wane. Thus marking the rise of the multi-hyphenate woman, in which the term actually means having the right discipline and tools to do it all.

She Talks Asia and Céleteque’s latest Tribe Meet was the perfect platform to celebrate what it means to be a woman today, to remind fellow women that struggles are an important part of success and that sometimes, you just need to wing it. The day’s panel featured athlete, TV host, advocate and Céleteque Brand Ambassador Gretchen Ho, news anchor, finance professor host and mom of two Danie Laurel, molecular biologist in training Kami Navarro and Kabataan Party List Representative Sarah Elago. Here are some of the things we learned:

Gretchen on what it means to be a multi-hyphenate:

“I don’t strive for perfection. I strive to do my best.”

Gretchen also stressed the importance of being honest about your journey and the struggles you went through to get where you are today.

Iza Calzado-Wintle, one of the founding members of STA, also had a thing or two to say when the subject of career and love came up:

“There is always time for love.”

Because career is not the only thing that defines you. As I’ve learned from other women I admire, and there is no better way to say it than in the vernacular, “Kahit mawalan ka ng trabaho, dapat buo pa din ang pagkatao mo.” 

Sarah Elago adds, “When you don’t have time, make time.” And if now is impossible, Sarah reminds herself that the work she does is a reflection of how much she loves her family and friends.

Meanwhile, Danie on life hacks:

“People need to love challenge. Take out all the expectations (you have of yourself). You just have to wing it.” 

An adaptable mindset paired with discipline is one of the keys to success. She continues:

“We have a schedule. Wake up early. Sleep early. Try to have a life not in traffic.”

It seems simple, but with this today’s always-on culture, always forgotten. I’ve since tried to adopt Danie’s (and Haruki Murakami’s) early-to-bed, early-to-rise habit—an hour or two earlier than my usual—and my mood, as well as my productivity have improved. But that’s for another story.

She Talks Asia x Celeteque

After the discussions and just before the smaller breakout sessions, guests were treated to a quick skin consultation with Céleteque. The customized toolkit features ~almost~ everything you need for your daily routine: facial wash, toner, eye cream, anti-aging cream, my current fav, acne spot corrector gel and skin-caring makeup base (another fav is the CC Micro-Hydrating Powder).

Now who says you can’t do it all? 


To know more about Céleteque, visit, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. Want to be part of women-led conversations for women? Join the She Talks Asia community here.

Art Alexandra Lara


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