It’s 2018, Almost 2019 But What Do Pinoys Really Think About Cosmetic Surgery?

It’s 2018, Almost 2019 But What Do Pinoys Really Think About Cosmetic Surgery?

We’ve surveyed men and women between the ages of 20 and 40 to find out what they think about cosmetic surgery



These days and over the last few years, finding out that a friend or a celebrity has had cosmetic surgery done is no longer comes as a surprise to anyone. A long and pointed nose, plumper lips and a fuller chest (still) seem to be the standard in beauty anyway. No judgment of course if you subscribe to these standards or any another. But when exactly did cosmetic surgery feel normal to us? How do we really feel about going under the knife ourselves in the name of beauty? We did some asking around to find some answers.


Plastic Surgery vs. Cosmetic Surgery

First things first, cosmetic surgery concerns aesthetics while plastic surgery deals with reconstructions aside from the cosmetic. So to put it simply, cosmetic surgery is just one part of plastic surgery.


The Most Common Procedures People Get in the PH

According to studies, in the Philippines five of the most requested-for procedures are:

What: RhinoplastyCost: P40,000 to P300,000* Nose job or nose surgery that reconstructs the shape and height of the nose
Trivia: Patients often ask to copy Heart Evangelista’s nose
What: AlarplastyCost: P40,000 to P50,000 Nostril reduction to slim down the nose’s appearance. It’s a pretty simple procedure and usually takes about an hour to finish
What: BotoxCost: P10,000 to P40,000/ treatment Effective against fine lines and wrinkles, especially crow's feet. It can also be used to combat excessive sweating
What: BlepharoplastyCost: P40,000 to 100,000 Eyelid surgery to give eyes a lifted or more awake appearance
What: Breast AugmentationCost: P84,000 to P125,000 (implants only); P200,000 to P300,000 (breast lift only) A cosmetic procedure to lift and or enlarge breasts. Surgery lasts between two to five hours depending on complexity

*Price varies


It’s 2018, Almost 2019 But What Do Pinoys Really Think About Cosmetic Surgery?


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So How Do We Filipinos Really Feel About Cosmetic Procedures?

From the survey we sent out, a total of 17 men and women between the ages of 20 and 40 replied. When asked to define what beauty is, the answers we received were an even mix of “something that radiates from within,” “fit, healthy and attractive” and “beauty is in the eye of (not just the beholder but) the BEERhodler.”

What’s interesting though is that only 2 out of 17 said ‘no’ to altering their physical appearance with some help from science. Here’s what some of the ‘yes’ men and women had to say:


“I don’t always accept my body shape, some days I like it, some days I don’t. I get bothered when there are clothes that I really like but can’t wear because they aren’t flattering for me. I’ve also been teased about some of my features growing up. Although I’m good with myself now, I think it can still be improved—like I’m happy, but I could be happier”


“Tummy, thighs and arms to make them smaller. And I'd get double eyelid surgery to look brighter”


“Remove fat from my cheeks. No amount of exercise can get rid of it!”


“Yeah, I feel like its gaining acceptance and if it makes me feel good about myself then I'm all for it”


“Yes! I'm AFAB with gender dysphoria and even as a kid I've always wanted to present less like a female”


“Yes, because some have medical benefits aside from the benefits it has on my looks. For example, braces to cure my TMJ, therapy to fix my spine and ribs, exercise to keep my body toned. Other features I would change, just for personal satisfaction would be my nose. I’d like to have a taller, narrower, pointed nose. And scar removal for the keloid scar on my knee”


“I would if that's going to help me with my confidence”


And What About When Others Want to Get Work Done?

16 out of the 17 we’ve surveyed said that if it’ll make other people happy, it’s safe and they don’t overdo it, then there’s no reason to not be supportive or okay with it. “Their life/body, their rules,” anyway right?


Times have changed indeed. For better or worse, we can’t really say. But it seems that we’re a little more open-minded, maybe even a little kinder than before.


It’s 2018, Almost 2019 But What Do Pinoys Really Think About Cosmetic Surgery?


Vogue China


If you know someone or are interested yourself to get something done, consult a reputable professional. Interested patients will have to go through several physical—from blood exams to an ECG—and psychological exams to ensure that he or she is fit to undergo any sort of procedure. Lastly, because we do live in the age of Instagram, make sure that the changes you want to do to yourself is for you—not for the ‘gram or anybody else.


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