Dear Woman, We Have Something To Say

Dear Woman, We Have Something To Say

Dear woman, you are a lot to handle



Dear Woman, 


You really are something, aren’t you? I asked friends and online strangers to help me write you a letter, and it was…overwhelming. They said so much about you, but not enough; I wish I could know more. You are something different to every one of us, and it amazes me—always—how you show different facets of yourself to different people. 


You are sometimes a mother, other times a sister or an aunt. The role of mentor, nourisher and cheerleader are all rolled up into a neat little package that resembles you and the comfort that you bring. It’s something we all keep running back to. I’m sorry if the strain sometimes weighs heavily on your shoulders. 




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Dear woman, 


Your strength is always present, and we always see it. And because no one can help but be vulnerable once in a while, I hope you know that this side of you is equal parts brave, too. You have taught us so much—from walking and eating to challenging the world and making sure we have money for a rainy day.


Our stories about you are the same, but different. I like knowing that others have felt about you the same way I do, but that our experiences are unique.



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Dear woman, 


I know we haven’t said it enough, and we’re sorry for that, but thank you. 



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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