Destigmatizing Feminine Care with and PH Care

Destigmatizing Feminine Care with and PH Care

The campaign makes femme care accessible to every Filipina



As Pinays, we’ve struggled with awkward, but essential, conversations with family and friends about “taboo” topics like sex, mental health and even feminine care (see: hygiene). Worse, we might not actually have had them! As a conventionally conservative nation, navigating through these common life experiences can get pretty difficult.


Feminine care falsehood exists even in 2021. Have your mom or titas ever told you that washing your face with your period blood can lead to a clearer complexion? Or maybe even start taking care of your intimate area only when you become sexually active? Elders have the tendency to feed us misguided pamahiin (superstition) that isn't backed by science. That makes the journey even more confusing. 


Good thing pH Care and the largest online youth edtech platform in the country,, have teamed up to educate young Filipinas and students about the femme care experience. The campaign, #phCareToLearn Femme Ed, aims to destigmatize femme care and help women unlearn and correct myths and stereotypes we grew up with, as well as to give expert-grounded advice on how to treat and care for our intimate areas.



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Educating yourself on your body gives you greater confidence to talk about it and make better choices with your body. Care to learn? The website makes the topics of feminine health, hygiene and self-care accessible to every Filipina. 


“By correcting their knowledge on feminine care, we believe that Filipinas inch closer to loving their bodies and appreciating the many great things their bodies can do for them. Education is a higher form of self-care. And our partnership with pushes women to care for themselves better,” shares Cristina B. Aseron, Brand Manager of pH Care. 


Having a better grasp of how your body works should be an uplifting experience. It shouldn't bring you shame and distress. Get started with your journey with the Care to Learn Quest! 


Discover the facts and know-hows on feminine health and hygiene with and pH Care by logging on to


Art Alexandra Lara


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