Let These Celebrities Make You Embrace Gemini Season

Let These Celebrities Make You Embrace Gemini Season

Welcoming the rest of Gemini season with open arms

There was a visible shift in energy by the time May 20th rolled in. We’re no longer basking in the calm, grounding energy of Taurus season because the expressive and upbeat nature of Gemini is taking over. This Gemini season, we’re invited to be free-spirited, be curious and speak our minds. The Twin sign is known for its intellect, so this a good time to keep asking questions, explore more resources to learn and exercise the brain. And if you take a look at a handful of Gemini creators outside of our list, you’ll be coming up with the likes of Kanye West, Tupac and even the great Lauryn Hill. See what we mean? It’s a good headspace to creatively get conversations going.

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Gemini is a muted sign which means it’s adaptable, so we’re encouraged to check all sides before making a choice. But too much of this openness also makes us prone to changing our minds real quick; and this is why Geminis get branded as indecisive or flaky. To avoid that, keep yourself in check and take it easy, especially when we feel like we’re getting too carried away with the number of options we’re checking out. And when you come to a decision, stand by it.

We’re also shifting the focus from ourselves to our connections this Gemini season. The Twin sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which means their knack for expression is stronger. Embrace this by checking in on your friends, whether through a simple text or organizing e-numans and virtual reunions. Rekindle old friendships and expand your network. You might just find your romantic or platonic twin flame.

Plus, Mercury retrograde is coming up on May 29th and spanning for the rest of Gemini season. As we said, that’s the planet that rules this sign, so best expect that its effects are likelier to be seen and felt. Information and stories might get misunderstood along the way but you can minimize the confusion by steeling yourself and carefully analyzing what you internalize.

Don’t let that scare you, though. There are more wonderful sides to a Gemini and their season, so we’ll let these celebs show you why.


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June 2, 1988

For astrology enthusiasts, everything might just click when you’re told that Awkwafina is a Gemini. “Expressive,” “chaotic” and “chatty” are the best ways to describe her personality. On top of that, Gemini’s openness to different options can be seen in her impressive career. She can spit bar after bar as a rapper and still crack a joke in the middle of a hit movie. The roles she plays are always on-brand, given her blunt expression, quick-witted clapbacks and very sharp replies.

Violet Chachki

13 June 1992

Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 7 winner Violet Chachki is another Gemini superstar. Violet’s bluntness and unapologetic communication often have her rubbing people off the wrong way, but it happens. This drag queen is not afraid to let people know what’s on her mind, especially airing her opinions out about fashion. There’s always an aspect of surprise in Violet’s runway looks which exhibits the very free spirit of the Gemini.

Princess Nokia

June 14, 1992

Princess Nokia has always been proud of her different sides, expressing her thoughts and emotions through her art. Her back-to-back albums entitled Everything Is Beautiful and Everything Sucks are an ode to her Gemini side, where she embraces and lets out all that she feels: the good, the bad and the ugly. This rapper even penned the perfect anthem for all Geminis, owning all there is to their sign.


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15 June 1996

This member of the K-Pop boyband gained notoriety for his natal chart, which is smack full of Gemini placements. But beyond that, Hoshi is also known for his happy and upbeat personality. He often finds himself breaking the ice and finding ways to bring humor when needed in variety shows and concerts, even being part of the group’s so-called gag trio BooSeokSoon. Hoshi is also an impeccable artist since his creative endeavors involve singing, songwriting and even choreographing SEVENTEEN’s dances meant to make 13 different personalities shine. But when he gets in his zone, he does a complete 180 that leaves fans shocked at his duality (which is probably the Twin sign talking, tbh). Just take a look at his performance for SPIDER above.

Kendrick Lamar

June 17, 1987

Another master lyricist lands on our list, showing how Gemini’s intellect and expressiveness create great art. If you need any more convincing, Damn won a Pulitzer Prize for Music back in 2018. It’s time for us to do the same, too. Just check out Kung Fu Kenny’s long list of songs where he puts master storytelling at the forefront, effectively communicating what needs to be said about issues usually treaded lightly. Kendrick isn't afraid to point the spotlight to the topics that matter.


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There you have it, a list of Geminis that will have you embracing the change in pace. Go forth and good luck this Gemini season!

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