Get That Enviable Glow By Eating

Get That Enviable Glow By Eating

Because we’re tired of all the things we need to cut out of our diet



The beauty industry is always trying to sell us things to make our skin look better. There’s foundation to even us out, concealer to hide the blemishes, contouring kits to create depth and highlighter to help us catch the light. But wouldn’t it be nice if getting glowing skin didn’t have to mean a half-hour routine every morning?


The answer is yes and—even better—it means eating.


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Getting glowing skin actually starts from the inside; no amount of highlighter can substitute for a healthy but delicious diet. So, hey, time to welcome dewy, young and innocent-looking skin with a great meal.



When taken over time, lemons can help brighten your skin. They’re rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which makes them a wonderful antioxidant. After a few weeks, you’ll notice that your age spots and dark spots have diminished (or are less obvious, anyway). And if you’re one of the lucky few that don’t have them now, then lemons are great for keeping them at bay.


Sweet Potato

Time traveling may not be a thing that we as humans have mastered, but sweet potatoes can make it seem like you turned back the clock. It might seem odd, but the root vegetable actually helps speed up cell turnover. More than that, the starch in the sweet potato makes red and yellow tones become more obvious, so your skin ends up appearing brighter than normal.


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Berries are kind of the same story, as eating fresh ones help infuse color into the skin. So maybe when you’re starting to look a little on the drab and dry side, munch on some berries instead of adding on an extra layer of blush.\



Nourish your soul with great literature, nourish your skin with some almonds. As one of the most compact sources of vitamin E, almonds are great at rejuvenating you from the inside. And in case you needed more reason to snack on them, they also help protect us from the sun’s UV rays. Piece of caution, however: Don’t overeat them. Like most nuts, they’ll pack a punch in the calorie department.



Speaking of the sun and its necessary-yet- harmful UV rays that cause sun damage, our sunblock and sunscreen definitely need some help. Enter fruits that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, such as mangoes, oranges and watermelon. These little things aren’t just delicious, but they help restore skin cells.


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Sometimes, it isn’t about cutting off the good stuff and spending thousands of pesos on beauty products and following 10-step nightly routines. Sometimes all it takes is a visit to the market and a conscious effort to up our snackage.



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