Getting So Serious about 2020 Body Transformations, We Launched a Workout Series

Getting So Serious about 2020 Body Transformations, We Launched a Workout Series

Tone, shrink, lift, sculpt, shred with ‘Work (Out) From Home With Nikki Torres’



The shift to working from home and spending more time indoors doesn’t mean the sedentary lifestyle gets to win. We refuse to let it…now more than ever. With so many things––as of late, it’s disconcerting news headlines––battling for our attention and energy every day, we’re holding out for hope that fitness can act like a small but considerable personal win. (A wise blonde once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy…”)


Even with gym memberships on hold and in-studio classes cancelled, we have sworn to get back on track with our fitness goals, ready to tackle them head-on at home.


Guidance and expert advice are still of the essence, which is why we turned to the founder and holistic wellness coach Nikki Torres, who helped us get in shape last year at her exclusive four-week holistic program, NT Summer Equinox. Wonder’s new workout series, Work (Out) From Home with Nikki Torres, takes part of this experience online. It’s where beginners are welcome, too.


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Tone, shrink, lift, sculpt, shred over five episodes featuring body-transforming circuits curated by Torres. The first three are up ahead:


The Ultimate Full-Body Workout

Equipment: exercise mat

Total time: 21 minutes



Getting Toned Armed in Six Moves

Equipment: exercise mat, weights, chair

Total time: 20 minutes



The Best Butt-Lifting Workout Moves

Equipment: exercise mat, chair

Total time: 27 minutes




Waist-Transforming Ab Exercises

Equipment: exercise mat, chair

Total time: 21 minutes



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