I Go Commando From Time To Time And It Feels…

I Go Commando From Time To Time And It Feels…

Great and weird at the same time



Going commando isn’t much of a choice for me. I’ve two kids and no help or yaya’s so you can only imagine what happens when the laundry doesn’t get picked up on time or I didn’t have time to do the washing: cycling shorts for panties or none at all. The struggle is real so I thought why not write about it.


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Google ‘going commando’ (because just ‘commando' conjures up an Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1985 movie) and the results are mostly about the benefits, how great it is and why it’s a choice a woman (or man) should make. But if I’m being honest, I don't always agree. Just talking about the health benefits, it’s great because ditching your underwear can…:


“‘The vaginal area is most happy and healthy when it has a chance to breathe,” said Dr. Lisa Masterson, formerly of the hit daytime show The Doctors’” —Aly Walansky


Actually prevent infections

As the vagina is already moist, adding a layer of protection (beware, non-cotton panties) can encourage moisture to collect down south, therefore cultivating yeast growth a.k.a yeast infection.


Help you stay cleaner down there

Letting the vag breathe by way of going panty-less from time to time is actually healthy and ideal for vaginal health (see above).


As for non-health benefits:


Because no VPL (visible panty lines)

We’ve all owned a bodycon dress and the most annoying part is having the outline of your underwear show through the dress—which surprisingly, a lot of people pay attention to more than how great the dress fits. Sometimes skipping undergarments so you can wear a tight-fitting clothes is best!


Better sex

I don’t necessarily agree that the sex is better but it is a nice surprise for your partner when his or her hand gets a little too close to your southern region and you have nothing on.


“It is a nice surprise for your partner when…you have nothing on”


But I do have to say the downside for me is far greater than the perks especially if you choose to go commando during the day. For one, we live in a tropical country so imagine having to step out on a hot day to eat lunch. A 5-minute walk can easily work up a sweat in Manila heat; now imagine that uncomfortable moisture between your legs and then you realize omg, you’re ovulating. The experience is just as gross as it sounds.


Meanwhile, I’m also quite experimental with my outfit choices: ripped jeans one day, white trousers the next. Most of them involve zippers and non-cotton fabrics; don’t get me started with zippers that have gotten stuck halfway up only to realize it got caught on my skin (or hair; painful just the same).


So would I recommend going panty-free? Maybe not during the day. In bed—whether you’re thinking sex or just sleeping—yes! But honestly, nothing beats the feeling of warm, fresh-out-of-the-dryer skivvies on skin. Hot undies, they is fine indeed.



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